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This week at the Kino: Freiluftkino season hots up

More Freiluftkino, Pirates of the Caribbean (another one), Song to Song and more open in Berlin cinemas this weekend...

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With the weather looking dependably warm for the time being, it’s surely time to get stuck into Freiluftkino season. Hasenheide has just opened for the year, with chances this week to catch Berlinale highlight The Other Side of Hope with English subs, plus Oscar-season heavyweights like La La Land and Arrival. After a weekend outdoors, come celebrate life with us indoors at our EXBlicks presentation of Garden of Stars (photo) on Mon, May 29, 8:30pm at Lichtblick Kino. Check our our interview with co-director Stéphane Riethauser. If the air-conditioned interior of a multiplex sounds more appealing, and you’re after some mindless entertainment, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales might just about do the job – it’s certainly an improvement on the franchise’s last few dire instalments. At the opposite end of the cinematic spectrum, Terrence Malick’s Song to Song is destined to polarise viewers, but this impressionistic romantic drama, set against the vibrant backdrop of Austin’s music scene, is unlike anything else you’ll see this year. Cate Shortland’s Berlin Syndrome offers a slick outsider’s look at our fair city, but can’t decide whether it wants to be a trashy exploitation thriller or a probing psychological drama – by occupying the middle ground, it winds up as a strangely forgettable and unsatisfying experience. You can also safely skip Churchill, a tediously middle-of-the-road biopic charting the glory years of Britain’s most famous PM.