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Suburban fetishism

OUT NOW! Following characters through weird sexual situations, THE LITTLE DEATH is a masterpiece of middle-class black comedy.

As intimated by the titular reference to the French slang for orgasm, each of this film’s five storylines follows characters through a sexual challenge. Deliberately provocative, with setups that involve rape fantasies and a woman aroused by weeping, the film embraces a range of remarkable and remarkably funny scenarios (including a sequence in which a deaf man makes a phone sex call via an interpreter) to create a black comedy of suburban middle-class fetishism: one of this year’s must-see Australian films. 

The Little Death | Directed by Josh Lawson (Australia 2014) comedy with Bojana Novakovic, Josh Lawson, Damon Herriman. Starts April 9

Originally published in issue #137, April 2015