Summer lovin’

OUT NOW! Two women abandon expectations as they dive into romance in SUMMERTIME (LA BELLE SAISON) against the backdrop of the 1970s women's liberation movement.

Set during the heyday of the women’s lib movement in the 1970s, Corsini’s La Belle Saison charts the relationship between Delphine (Higelin) and Carole (De France) as they unshackle themselves from boyfriends and worldly expectation. Positioning itself alongside the struggles of all minorities, Corsini’s film is refreshingly pluralistic and, taking its politics to the French countryside, reveals the awkward truths behind independence and empowerment. La Belle Saison might lack chemistry, but is nevertheless a powerful portrait of mistimed love. 

La Belle Saison | Directed by Catherine Corsini (France 2016) with Cécile De France, Delphine Benchiessa and Noémie Lvovsky. Starts May 5.

Originally published in issue #149, May 2016.