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Quintessentially queer for 10 years

The international queer film festival XPOSED bares all for the 10th time, showing classics like Stephen Elliott's gender-bending "The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert," along with other films, shorts and a party. Don't miss! May 21-24.

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Get prepared for XPOSED to bare all again as the international queer film festival opens up for the 10th time, May 21-24.

This year XPosed comes full circle, returning to Oz and the geographical focus of the first fest.

Rather than screen faddish new releases, XPosed goes for quality as reflected in the opening film: Stephen Elliott’s 1994 cult hit The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. If you’re not familiar with the campy tale of three gender-bending performers and “Priscilla”, their majestic means of transportation, catch it now to find that 20 years haven’t tarnished its outrageous charm.

Also out of Australia, Lawrence Johnston’s Night Out (1989), shot in black and white with a 1950s “youth gone wild” atmosphere, brings a surprising focus to the tale of a gay man stepping out for a late-night dalliance while the boyfriend’s away only to be beaten by four hoods.

This year, XPosed joins the ranks of film festivals showing TV shows with Josh Thomas’ much-loved Aussie comedy Please Like Me. Thomas writes the show and plays the main character, a twenty-something who realises he’s gay after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Aside from two wonderful short programmes with an Australian focus, XPosed branches out to other locations, with Spain offering up a troubling take on love in Amor Eterno, in which an older teacher has sex with his teenage pupil and one social transgression leads to another, leaving the viewer gutted by the end.

Also not to be missed is Desiree Akhavan’s hilarious Appropriate Behavior, closing out the festival, in which an Iranian-American Brooklynite faces life with an endearing but dry wit.

Launching this year is the Queer Short Film Fund, in which prospective queer filmmakers submit their screenplays for a chance to win €2000 and make that film a reality.

All that, and let’s not forget the international shorts, German shorts and special “naughty room” shorts also on offer during the fest, as well as the requisite party at Südblock.

10. XPosed International Queer Film Festival, May 21-24 | Moviemento, Kottbusser Damm 22, Kreuzberg, U-Bhf Schönleinstr.