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PornFilmFestival Blog: Porning over the programme…

The 8. PornFilmFestival Berlin (Oct 23-27) kicks off tonight and Walter Crasshole has dutifully picked through the films, parties and lectures in order to report to you in our daily PFF Blog! Tonight kicks off with a surprise San Francisco theme.

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Last night I spent 90 minutes and half a bottle of cheap Spanish wine poring over a festival programme. No easy feat when you only have the programme in PDF form, and especially not easy when it’s the programme for the 8th PornFilmFestival Berlin – easily my favourite film festival of the year. The schedule, as per usual, is jam-packed with films from the sexually explicit to the mind-opening, from workshops to lectures. Even after screening many of the films beforehand for you, dear porn voyeur, I still can’t pack in everything I would like to.

And there’s another reason for that: I have to reasonably make room to do what I am starting right here – blogging the whole thing for you. Providing as many salacious details as humanly possible of the sexual, the cinematic, the scandalous and the soporific. So be sure to check in to exberliner.com every day through Monday for all the porny stuff that makes Google nervous about our status as a legitimate news delivery site.

The PornFilmFestival kicks off tonight with its opening film Kink (20:30, see link above). Officially also part of the “Fetish” theme of this year’s festival (the other theme is “Cruising”), but it’s the excellent precursor film, Valencia (18:00), that gives the opening night a whole other spin: San Francisco. The subjects of both films are so intertwined with the City by the Bay that it’s hard to believe that the programming was entirely accidental. And Berlin’s PFF has always had a soft spot for SF anyways, from director appearances to film selection to today’s Berliners that used to call San Francisco home – including yours truly, who used the Bay Area as my stomping grounds for eight years.

If you decide to dive into the porny depths, starting tonight ain’t a bad start, bridging 9105km in four hours. And then walk on down to Ficken3000 for the PFF Festival Lounge… and maybe catch me there. If you can’t make it, or can’t do it all, keep checking back here for all the deets.

You can find the whole PornFilmFestival programme online at pornfilmfestivalberlin.de.