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The PornFilmFestival Blog: Ten years on!

The PornFilmFestival, Berlin's beloved international-local institution, returns for its 10th year! Time to get it on! Can't make it for the whole thing? Walter Crasshole has the low-down on the get-down at the fest at Moviemento. Read it here.

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Rock, paper, scissors, Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck. Playing for who gets to go to the PornFilmFestival Berlin. We all do. And you should be going, if you can. Part of what makes it successful is the public that keeps returning to it year after year. But if for some unforeseen reason you can’t make this year, pay attention to our space here as I report from the scene of something so uniquely Berlin. And therefore, like the Hauptstadt, something very international.

Berlin’s beloved local-international cinematic celebration of sex has always been a community celebration and this year, it’s turning a historic 10 years. It is, after all, the first continuous running porn film festival the world has seen.

This year promises a great mix of what made it progressive, political and something to be talked about, as well as a good mix of retro showings (which, admittedly, were formerly a hard sell to me, until I watched them), including a (for me) anticipated 35mm print screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a classic in any freak’s life.  But I’m not gonna do another round-up here of what I recommend or anticipate. Just follow the blog to see that.

I can tell you, having screened the opening film Schnick Schnack, that from the get-go, it’s something to be excited about. Dubbed by a friend as “Cologne queer” (international means Germany too), the opening film is a successful homage to the porn of yore, but with a modern update – sure to please just about everyone! If you’re early enough, and not caught The Tribe (photo) yet, it’s a “quiet” one to settle ino. So strap yourself into the saddle, either at Moviemento or here at Exberliner, and get ready for 10 years of the PornFilmFestival!