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Take a peek into the wardrobes of Berlin's Depop kids, extravagant Ballroom "mothers" and local fashion profis! We met the costumier of Babylon Berlin, found the best face masks in town, investigated the donation container biz and much more. Out now!

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Ever wanted to know what those Depop kids are up to? How those street-corner containers tie into the second-hand economy? What’s the right Berlin-made Covid mask for you? We’ve investigated all of the above and also introduce you to the local Ballroom community voguing in the Hauptstadt, a handful of resident tastemakers and the costume designer behind Babylon Berlin‘s 1920s looks. Also in this issue: An interview with legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, the month in culture, our brand new books section and much, much more!

FLIPPING A PROFIT – How the Depop generation makes money online

SECOND-HAND SECRETS – Who owns Berlin’s donation containers

FASHION PROFIS – Meet a wardrobe whisperer, a store stylist and a sneaker prophet

BERLIN’S IN VOGUE – A dive into the local Ballroom scene

BABYLON BERLIN’S WARDROBE – Pierre-Yves Gayraud on recreating the 1920s Berlin look

COVID FASHION – Which mask is right for you?

Also in this issue…

DANIEL ELLSBERG – The legendary whistleblower on testifying in Assange’s extradiction trial

BOOKS! – New translations, hot releases and reading the Wendekinder

EUROPEAN MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Our guide to the festival

HARVEST TIME – New Berlin albums to listen to this October

BEST OF BERLIN – Clothing swaps for all, sew-it-yourself heaven, 1940s garb and more

BERLIN BITES – Sabich, please! Neukölln’s Israeli food renaissance

…And much, much more!

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