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Thirty years after the Fall of the Wall, what's left of the GDR? We speak to our Ossi neighbours, find the best spots to live the East Berlin life today - and the design, fashion and football icons that have survived the Wende! Out now!

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Thirty years after the Fall of the Wall, Exberliner explores what’s left of the GDR in our everyday lives: From our Ossi neighbours to the best restaurants, bars and shops to Experience the Ostberlin way of life; from iconic shoes to the Ampelmann conquering the West and the legendary Köpenick FC Union’s drawing unlikely post-Wende fans – the old East is all around us! Also in this issue: Painter Norbert Bisky on coming to terms with his privileged GDR youth, what’s happening to Alexanderplatz’s surviving Plattenbau giants, how Berlin stages approach the fateful date of November 9 – and much, much more.

OF WALLS, SPIES AND TUNNELS – Herr Strehlow on 81 years in Berlin

FROM DEDERON TO MITROPA – Ten places to eat, drink and shop like an Ossi

BATTLE OF THE SHOES – How East German Zeha outlived Western Brand Salamander

LIFE BEYOND THE STASI – Was it really all bad for East Germans? Time to reassess.

UNDERDOG UNION – How the communist cult club attracts unlikely fans

AMPELMANN TAKEOVER – How a little communist man conquered the West

Also in this issue…

QUEER IN THE GDR – The Gay Berliner learns about the Ossi scene

SAVE BERLIN – Alexanderplatz’s GDR die-hards

NORBERT BISKY – The painter on fighting his DDR nightmares

GHOSTS OF NOVEMBER PAST – Berlin stages tackle Germany’s Schicksalstag November 9

BERLIN BITES – Finally: two German gastropubs worth mentioning

BEST OF BERLIN – Handsome pizza, brainy brewing and a Brexit bulwark

…And much, much more!

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