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New queer self esteem

Julia Ostertag's documentary AND YOU BELONG shows women paving the way for other queers through her tender portrayal of the electro hip hop two girl act Scream Club. The film screams at Moviemento from May 16-25.

A bumpy, musical and visual joyride with the electro-punk girl duo, Scream Club – And You Belong is an unpretentious, unpolished portrait of a band rocking beneath the radar, documented in a style that mirrors their DIY sound and aesthetic.

Director Julia Ostertag (Gender X, Saila and Noise & Resistance) follows Cindy Wonderful and Sarah Adorable, weaving a collection of original and archival footage to create both a personal glimpse of their contribution to the queer underground scene and a broader insight into the empowering DIY culture within their extended network of friends and collaborators. Interviews with fellow artists including Nicky Click, Nuclear Family, Joey Casio and DJ Metzgerei, depict an entertaining microcosm of the creative communities of which Scream Club is an integral part.

Touching on the theme of belonging through their friendships and celebration of individualism in the context of queer and female identity, Scream Club shows activism by example, inspiring a generation with their unselfconscious image and experimental electro-hip hop sound that pioneers the redefinition of traditional roles in music.

What it lacks in focus it makes up for in its unaffected vignettes showing Scream Club’s commitment to their music and awareness of its power to communicate a positive image without pushing an agenda. This tender, fun documentary will be screened at Moviemento from May 16-25.

And You Belong | Directed by Julia Ostertag. Screening May 16-25 at Moviemento Kino, Kottbusser Damm 22, Kreuzberg, 22:30