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EXBERLINER’s October issue

OUT NOW! The OCTOBER issue! Berlin's CABBIES put to the test, confessions of a BIKE THIEF, the 'new AIDS', going DEUTSCH, serving in the STASI PRISON and indoor markets.

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Our October issue is out now!

Inside you’ll find:

BERLIN CABBIES Friendly, knowledgeable and clean? From Charlottenburg to Kreuzberg and everywhere in between, our most intrepid journalist and taxi veteran put 10 drivers to the test.

FROM PRISON TO PARLIAMENT A GDR dissident looks back on her most tortuous days in Berlin’s Stasi Prison to her recent rise in the CDU.

CONFESSIONS OF AN EXPAT BIKE THIEF In his own words, one Detroit native tells you his reasons behind committing Berlin’s most annoying crime as he reveals the tricks of the trade and how you can prevent becoming his victim.

GOING DEUTSCH What drives an already happy EU passport holder or a First-worlder to become German? Four fresh Berlin converts share their stories.

THE ‘NEW AIDS‘ What does it mean to live and die of AIDS at a time and place with customised treatments and specialists saying that living with HIV is like living with diabetes.

BERLIN’S BEST INDOOR MARKETS With frigid days ahead, it’s time to move the second-hand rummaging indoors. Our guide reveals Berlin’s hippest roofed emporiums.


IMPORT/EXPORT From mini-gangster to mega-chef, Tim Raue pours out his stories of broken homes, ghetto rituals and the ambition that landed him in one of Berlin’s finest kitchens today.

BEST OF BERLIN Giving boxes and more GDR exhibitions.

And interviews with author of The Beauty of Transgression: A Berlin Memoir, Danielle De Picciotto, Mando Diao, stage director of Can we talk about this?, Lloyd Newson and the artist with three exhibitions currently in Berlin, Thomas Scheibitz.

Don’t forget about our newer features: HIPSTER HITLER and our handy EVENTS CALENDAR.

And much more…

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