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David, Goliath and Me

The One World Festival exposes the treachery of the world's Goliaths. But it also shows the audacity of the little people fighting back. The kind of FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT that you can feel good about.

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Human rights might not sound that sexy, but consider the feat of normal people investigating the stories behind state and corporate lies and exposing them on film. Exciting huh?

That’s pretty much what you’ll get to see at the seventh edition of the One World Festival. No WikiLeaks here but the work of some persevering and courageous filmmakers – novices as well as illustrious ones. So, hyper-productive director Oliver Stone adds his perspective on the otherwise critical perception of Hugo Chávez and his fellow ‘banana republic’ Latin American presidents in the German premiere of the movie he directed prior to Wall Street (South of the Border, November 27, 19:00). As for Devil Operation, it follows the indigenous Peruvians’ struggle to survive the devastating expansion of the vicious mining industry occupying their territory (November 29, 19:00).

Gasland shows that when it comes to evil business’ interests, ordinary American folk are not much better off than their southern counterparts… Imagine you discover your tap water has been made inflammable as a result of nearby gas drilling. Another tale of the struggle of Davids against the impunity of Corporate Goliaths, Gasland (November 27, 21:30) is a noteworthy indie doc showing wholesome grassroots courage in the face of the Dick Cheney villains of this world.

In Restrepo, a journalist and photographer followed the US Army 173rd Airbourne Brigade for one year during a deployment in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan. The film is the unflinching account of what they saw.

ONE WORLD BERLIN, November 25-December 1 |  All films are in original language with English subtitles.