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  • Berlin unveils new statue of…. George HW Bush?

Thursday 11, May

Berlin unveils new statue of…. George HW Bush?

The statue near Dahlem in south-west Berlin shows the 41st President George HW Bush in a relaxed pose.

Photo: US Botschaft Berlin

Thursday 11, May

A new statue raised in Berlin of… George HW Bush?

From Prussian rulers and Nazi athletes to the towering figure of Vladimir Lenin, Berlin has seen its share of strange and controversial statues down the years, so it’s worth wondering how history will respond to the latest statue that went up yesterday to the south-west of the city. In the sunshine of a May Wednesday afternoon outside the US consulate at Clayallee 170, a new statue was unveiled of the 41st US President George HW Bush.

Bush – who worked as director of the CIA and was Vice-President to Ronald Reagan before become President himself – is depicted with in an easy-going pose, staring into the distance with one hand in his pocket. The unveiling took place in the presence of his grandson, Pierce Bush, along with the US Ambassador to Germany Amy Gutmann.

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During the speech he gave at the ceremony, Pierce Bush was at times overcome with emotion, describing his grandfather not only as a President, but also a “kind and decent person” and paid tribute to the former politician’s role in German Reunification.