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  • 10,000 expected at demonstration against far-right this Saturday

Thursday, June 6

10,000 expected at demonstration against far-right this Saturday

With far-right extremism on the rise in Germany, a large demonstration is expected in Berlin. And that's not the only protest this weekend.

Photo: IMAGO / Carsten Thesing

Thursday, June 6

10,000 people expected at demo against far-right this Saturday

Berlin police are expecting around 10,000 people to come to the Großer Stern at 14:00 this Saturday for a demonstration against the far-right, registered under the motto “Stop right-wing extremism, defend democracy”.

This event follows a worrying rising tide of extreme right-wing sentiments across the country. A video of young people on the wealthy German island of Sylt singing “Ausländer raus!” (“Foreigners out!”) went viral on social media – and now another video featuring the same song has emerged from a Brandenburg festival. This latter video apparently features people from the neo-Nazi scene and (as in the Sylt video) they are making the Hitler salute, which is illegal in Germany.

This demonstration against the far-right is not the only protest planned for Saturday, however. Another demo, also with 10,000 registered participants is taking place at 15:00 at Frankfurter Tor under the motto “Who owns the city?”. Here, activists are targeting the rising rental prices in the city.

A further protest under the motto “Jabalia, Rafah, Jenin, Ramallah – Take your hands off Palestine!” is planned for 16:00, beginning at U-Bahnhof Schönhauser Allee.