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  • Remains of asteroid 2024 BX1 discovered outside Berlin

Friday 26, January

Remains of asteroid 2024 BX1 discovered outside Berlin

Last weekend, a fireball lit up the Brandenburg skies as asteroid 2024 BX1 fell to earth. Now, pieces of the rock have been found.

Photo: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Friday 26, January

Polish scientists discover the asteroid that fell in Brandenburg last weekend

Last weekend, a brightly flashing fireball briefly lit up the skies above Brandenburg. This was asteroid 2024 BX1 falling to Earth, caught on cameras as far away as Leipzig.

Almost immediately after its descent from the heavens, curious researchers went in search of the remains of this celestial rock. Now, it seems, someone has found it.

Four Polish meteorite hunters have reportedly discovered the asteroid, with photos of fist-sized fragments of the rock being posted on Twitter/X. Berlin’s Museum für Naturkunde will now examine the find.

The exact location where the asteroid fell was not immediately apparent, but these remains seem to have turned up in a field west of Nauen, about an hour’s drive outside Berlin.