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  • Rave away the A100: Party-protest against Autobahn expansion

Tuesday 29, August

Rave away the A100: Party-protest against Autobahn expansion

Clubs and climate activists are uniting on September 2 to protest the extension of the A100 autobahn.

Photo: Fridays for Future

Tuesday 29, August

20,000 expected to attend protest against extension of the A100 on September 2

As things stand, the proposed extension of Berlin’s A100 Autobahn would mean demolishing 20 different clubs and cultural sites including //:about blank, Wilde Renate, Club Ost and Else. However, party-goers, climate activists and nature conservationists are joining forces on September 2 in a massive rave to stop the further development of the A100.

The party-protest is partly being organised by Fridays for Future, who have declared the Markgrafendamm between Elsenbrücke to Ostkreuz a “car-free zone” for the date. Berlin House and Techno-DJs, as well as multiple live bands will be playing across seven stages to represent “all the cultural diversity of the clubs affected”.

Right now, the A100 Autobahn is in its 16th construction phase from Grenzallee in Neukölln to Treptower Park. Following this, the 17th construction phase will run northwards over the Elsenbrücke bridge and thus cross the Spree river. It is this phase of construction which puts so many of the clubs in peril. Furthermore, this 17th construction phase is estimated to cost up to 800 million euros, bringing the total price tag of the extension to a whopping 1.5 billion, according to the German Ministry of Transport.