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  • Rammstein celebrate Berlin performance with visit to Kitkat club

Wednesday 19, July

Rammstein celebrate Berlin performance with visit to Kitkat club

Accusations against lead singer Till Lindemann meant there was pressure on Rammstein to avoid controversy. Instead, they went to Kitkat.

Photo: IMAGO / Eyepix Group

Wednesday 19, July

Rammstein singer celebrates Berlin performance with visit to Kitkat club

Following the allegations against lead singer Till Lindemann, there was much pressure on the Rammstein shows in Berlin to avoid controversy wherever possible. Rammstein’s high profile performances at Olympiastadion would not have any after-show party nor a “row zero”, the section in front of the stage to which young pretty girls were reportedly invited. So what did the band do following their sold out show on Sunday? They headed to Kitkat club, of course.

The appearance of Till Lindemann and his bandmates at Berlin’s famous fetish club was not without controversy of its own, and some DJs are now calling for a boycott of the venue.

One musician, DJ Intakogene, expressed outrage on instagram posting that “whoever lets a Till Lindemann into a sex positive club and justifies it afterwards (because “you just don’t know what’s true”) completely shits on the multitude of women’s testimonies”. And furthermore alleged that “his bag didn’t even get checked” which they saw as a serious lapse, given the nature of the accusations which include spiking women’s drinks with knockout drops.