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SPD and CDU to make up Berlin’s next government?

Is Berlin's mayor Franziska Giffey about to step down in order to take up a post in […]

Wednesday 1, March

Schwules Museum in Tiergarten shot at six times

Berlin's Schwules Museum - one of the largest LGBTQ institutions in the world - was shot at […]

Tuesday 28, February

Northern Lights make rare appearance above German skies

For the past two nights, the rare celestial phenomenon of aurora borealis has appeared above German skies. […]

Monday 27, February

“Uprising for Freedom” sees thousands demonstrate against Ukraine arms shipments

Saturday saw a controversial demonstration in Berlin called the "Uprising for Freedom" where thousands gathered to demand […]

Friday 24, February

Wrecked tank installed outside Russian embassy in Berlin

In a controversial protest, the ruined shell of a T-72 tank has been installed outside the Russian […]

Thursday 23, February

Lichtenberg postal worker hoard 10,000 mail items in her apartment

Police discovered the massive collection of hoarded mail in the postal worker's apartment yesterday.


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