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Obama had dinner in Schöneberg last night, in Berlin till Thursday

Barack Obama is in Berlin until Thursday. Last night, he had dinner with Angela Merkel in Schöneberg.

Tuesday 2, May

Night wolves are coming: Putin-supporting motorcycle gang heads for Berlin

After passing through Volgograd and Donetsk, the Russian motorbike gang are set to arrive in Berlin for […]

Friday 28, April

Berlin’s most controversial monument is vandalised… again

The so-called Herero Stone honours the perpetrators of genocide. Activists want it taken down.

Thursday 27, March

Police swarm Berlin’s ICC after caller reports gunmen

The ICC shutdown on Wednesday morning following an emergency call reporting gunmen.

Wednesday 26, April

“Black, but shiny” A new motto for Berlin?

As we prepare for a new conservative-led government, Klaus Wowereit (who coined "poor but sexy") has a […]

Tuesday 25, April

Hostage situation in Schöneberg ends as police raid antique shop

Police were called to an antiques shop on Keithstrasse after a hostage situation which ended when the […]


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