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Nationwide police raids against Last Generation

German police descend on Last Generation - raiding offices and shutting down their website.

Tuesday 23, May

17th century violin worth thousands lost on Berlin train

The violin case, with contents valued at over €100,000, was left behind on an ICE train from […]

Monday 22, May

Bouncer shot in Prenzlauer Berg after denying man entry to nightclub

After a 32-year-old man was denied entry to a Berlin club, he lost his temper and shot […]

Friday 19, May

Ascension Day party escalates at Volkspark Friedrichshain

Hoards of police cleared partiers out of Volkspark Friedrichshain following reports of violence.

Wednesday 17, May

Man shot dead in Spandau, suspect escapes

Suspect flees the scene after a man was fatally shot in Spandau's Gatow district.

Tuesday 16, May

Could Berlin host Olympics marking 100 year anniversary of Nazi games?

The 2036 games will mark 100 years since the Nazis hosted the Olympics. Should Berlin apply to […]


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