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Berlin Lion: The psychological phenomenon behind the big cat sightings

How Berlin, and the world, became captivated by the hunt for one seriously elusive lion.

Tuesday 1, August

Groundwater at risk: Tesla’s Gigafactory expansion raises environmental worries

While the regional water association is concerned about Tesla's expansion, the company insists their presence will actually […]

Monday 31, July

Gang rape at Görlitzer Park: Mayor to hold summit on park security

Security concerns come after a 27-year old woman was reportedly raped by multiple perpetrators in Görlitzer Park.

Friday 28, July

Would you give up your car for a 3-year Deutschlandticket?

A new proposal from the Berlin Greens: deregister your car and get a 3-year Deutschlandticket.

Thursday 27, July

Police investigate mysterious attack on Deutsche Bahn office

An unidentified group set nearby cars on fire, smashed windows and spray painted an eye-catching slogan on […]

Wednesday 26, July

Berlin’s e-scooter rentals skyrocket amid controversy

Ever controversial, Berlin's e-scooters are back in the limelight as rentals double in the past two years.


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