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Police investigate mysterious attack on Deutsche Bahn office

An unidentified group set nearby cars on fire, smashed windows and spray painted an eye-catching slogan on […]

Wednesday 26, July

Berlin’s e-scooter rentals skyrocket amid controversy

Ever controversial, Berlin's e-scooters are back in the limelight as rentals double in the past two years.

Tuesday 25, July

What a storm: Berlin hit by violent rain and winds

The Berlin fire brigade was called out to 385 weather related incidents during a violent storm on […]

Monday 24, July

Homophobic attacks taint a largely peaceful CSD

On Saturday, a number of homophobic attacks were made against people celebrating Christopher Street Day across Berlin.

Lion update

Berlin lion update: It was a wild boar

After a 30-hour search and a thorough examination of stool samples, experts have determined the Berlin lion […]

Friday 21, July

Lion hysteria: We examine the evidence

As the hunt for the alleged lioness continues in Berlin's Kleinmachow area, we examine the evidence so […]


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