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Berlin Finance Ministry wants to give away Goebbels’ Nazi villa

The villa, which once belonged to Hitler's Nazi propaganda minster Joseph Goebbels, will be demolished if it's […]

Friday 3, May

Kai Wegner’s Görli: “We want the fence as quickly as possible”

After months of delays and uncertainty, Mayor Kai Wegner isn't backing down on his plans for a […]

Thursday, May 2

11,000 join “peaceful and relaxed” demonstration for May 1

Despite police fears over secret stone depots and anti-Israel speech, the Berlin May 1 protest was largely […]

Tuesday, April 30

Berlin threatens low “intervention threshold” ahead of May Day protests

Unlike in previous years, Berlin police are being told to take "immediate" action against protestors on May […]

Monday, April 29

75,000 tickets sold: Caspar David Friedrich a big hit at 250

The landmark show at the Alte Nationalgalerie has proved a massive hit, with 20,000 visitors in the […]

Friday, April 26

Cocaine stashed in banana crates at seven Lidl supermarkets

While unpacking boxes of bananas, employees at several Lidl supermarkets in Berlin discovered large quantities of cocaine.


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