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Right-wing extremist targets Berlin Holocaust memorials with arson

Police believe attacks on Holocaust memorials last weekend may be have been the work of a serial […]

Tuesday 15, August

No more black at Kitkat? Club announce new guidelines

Is Berlin entering a bright new era? Kitkat club club posted on Instagram asking guests to: "Stop […]

Monday 14, August

Kreuzberg crowds ignore Admiralsbrücke’s expensive new noise-o-meter

Kreuzberg have installed a new Lärmomat or noise-o-meter to reduce nighttime crowd noise. So far, it isn't […]

Friday 11, August

Private security on the rampage in chaotic eviction in Mitte

Doors kicked in. Windows smashed. These were the results of a chaotic eviction at Habersaathstrasse 42-48 in […]

Thursday 10, August

“Berghain is not a zoo”: Party-goers angered by Airbnb club experience

A man calling himself Jesus charges between €199 and €497 to get tourists into Berghain.

Wednesday 9, August

“Sabotage Putin’s War”: Adbusting campaign adds anti-war slogans to Berlin posters

Activist group "Asylum for conscientious objectors now!" calls for a widening of refugee protections.


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