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Car theft: 6,643 vehicles stolen last year, but which are most popular?

The estimated cost of all stolen cars in Berlin in 2023 was €163 million. But which brands […]

Friday, May 17

Berlin climate hunger strike: Doctors may give up on health of activist

The climate activists have said they are prepared to starve, with some becoming so poorly that attending […]

Thursday, May 16

Kino International now closed for repairs for two years

The iconic Berlin cinema Kino International has closed for extensive repairs. But don't worry, it'll only take […]

Wednesday, May 15

Nakba Day; Berlin tech workers protest AWS summit

Berlin tech workers are protesting the AWS summit this morning, with a larger demo for Nakba Day […]

Tuesday, May 14

Taco Bell and Krispy Kreme come to Berlin; Gorillas leave

Two US fast food franchises are set to come to Berlin, while things have gone bad quickly […]

Monday, May 13

Fire at Alexanderplatz, police suspect arson

Rail traffic was halted on Monday morning at Alexanderplatz after fire spread from some bins near the […]


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