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  • Kreuzberg crowds ignore Admiralsbrücke’s expensive new noise-o-meter

Monday 14, August

Kreuzberg crowds ignore Admiralsbrücke’s expensive new noise-o-meter

Kreuzberg have installed a new Lärmomat or noise-o-meter to reduce nighttime crowd noise. So far, it isn't working.

The crowds at Admiralsbrücke in Kreuzberg. Photo: IMAGO / Joko

Monday 14, August

Crowds ignnore Admiralbrücke’s new noise-o-meter

Hanging out on the Admiralsbrücke in Kreuzberg is a staple of any Berlin summer, but for locals in the area, constant noise into the early hours of the morning has been a longstanding issue. That’s why Berlin decided to do something about it. About two weeks ago, the district installed a special device as part of a new model project. Although it looks more like a giant Playstation or a fancy McDonald’s toilet, this is actually a Lärmomat, or “noise-o-meter”. This device works by measuring the noise levels of a given area and, if it is judged to be too loud, it lights up red and sounds an alarm, warning those around it to quieten down. A screen on the device also shows a message warning people to reduce noise.

The new noise-o-meter at Admiralsbrücke does not seem to be working just yet. Image: fair.kiez

All this sounds good except for one thing: what if everyone ignores this expensive, high-tech Shhhing machine? That’s what seems to have happened over the weekend, when the device was activated and then largely ignored. On Saturday, residents resorted to calling the police at around 11:30pm, when 80 to 100 people were hanging out on the bridge. For the most part, the crowds didn’t notice the alarm or, if they did, weren’t quite taking the hint.