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Monday 4, December

Who wants to own a Berlin Späti?

There are only 800 Spätis left in Berlin, but one of them could be yours!

Photo: IMAGO / Seeliger

Monday 4, December

Who wants to own a Berlin Späti?

Become a dependable and beloved part of your local community while getting the the chance to stock your own range of interesting chewing gums, foreign and domestic beers and unusual sanitary items: who wouldn’t want to own a Späti? Having a favourite late-night neighbourhood shop is a key part of the Berlin experience, so why not take it to take it to the next level and own your own?

According to a report in rbb, you can now buy Berlin Spätis online on one of Germany’s favourite sales portals, Kleinanzeigen. One offer, for a property in Kreuzberg’s Graefekiez, advertises an “attractive alternative-night unit with 65 square metres of space and walk in traffic. The price is €45,000, but that includes the inventory, a new cash register system, refrigerators, shelves and counters. After the purchase, the lease would be €1,800 per month.”

The article goes on to point out that many Spätis are going through difficult times in Berlin, with increased energy costs, inflation, high rents and rival delivery services all affecting their bottom line. Alper Baba, chairman of the Berliner Späti e.V. association, argues that an exception should be made for Berlin’s late-night shops to be allowed to open on Sundays, pointing out that the number of Spätis in the city has declined by 50% since 2016, with only 800 of the stores left.

“As long as Spätis are not allowed to open on Sundays and public holidays, i.e. the days with the highest sales, we have no chance.”