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  • Fire at Alexanderplatz, police suspect arson

Monday, May 13

Fire at Alexanderplatz, police suspect arson

Rail traffic was halted on Monday morning at Alexanderplatz after fire spread from some bins near the S-Bahn arches to an adjacent storage room.

Photo: IMAGO / A. Friedrichs

Monday, May 13

Fire at Alexanderplatz: Police suspect arson

Early on Monday morning, rail traffic was halted at Alexanderplatz after a storage room under the train tracks caught fire. Police have detained one person on suspicion of arson. Apparently, the fire started when some bins were set on fire at the S-Bahn arch next to the train station. The fire then spread through a window to the adjacent storage room and smoke spread through the ventilation system.

By the time the fire brigade arrived, the flames were high and heavy smoke was pouring out. A total of 32 firefighters were deployed. No one was injured in the fire, but four shops surrounding the site of the fire suffered smoke damage and are unable to open for business.