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  • Dangerous criminal – Sven H. – escapes from Berlin prison

Thursday 8, February

Dangerous criminal – Sven H. – escapes from Berlin prison

On Tuesday evening convicted rapist Sven H. slipped his guards during a supervised outing in Berlin. He remains on the loose.

Photo: IMAGO / mix1

Thursday 8, February

Dangerous criminal on the loose following escape from Berlin prison

On Tuesday evening, Sven H, a convicted rapist who has spent the last 20 years in preventive detention slipped his minders during a supervised outing and is now on the loose. The 54-year-old had been classified as dangerous because of the seriousness of his crime.

After serving most of his sentence in Brandenburg, Sven H. was transferred to Tegel prison in 2019. Since 2021, the regulations for people in custody have been somewhat relaxed, and supervised outings were permitted. In fact, Sven H. had already returned from such visits 109 times; Tuesday was the 110th. He was visiting a location in Friedrichshain when he made his escape.

Supervised outings of this kind, accompanied by prison officials, are part of the rehabilitation process for inmates, and those who’ve spent long periods in preventive detention are granted greater frequency. A spokesperson for the police union expressed “great concern” and hoped that his colleagues would locate the escapee in a timely manner. Last December, two dangerous criminals also escaped detention in Reinickendorf, but were returned to custody a week later.