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  • Tyre Extinguishers let out air from 50 SUVs in Berlin-Grunewald

Thursday 22, June

Tyre Extinguishers let out air from 50 SUVs in Berlin-Grunewald

Activist group The Tyre Extinguishers reportedly let out the air from 50 SUVs in Berlin-Grunewald this week.

The activist group leave notes behind to explain their protest to car owners. Photo: IMAGO / aal.photo

Thursday 22, June

Tyre Extinguishers strike again: Air let out of tyres of 50 SUVs in Berlin-Grunewald

Would it be possible to reduce climate change by simply making life difficult for owners of polluting vehicles? That is hope of The Tyre Extinguishers, an international direct action group who operate in cities around the world, letting out the air of tyres on SUVs in order to convince their owners that they would be better off choosing a more eco-friendly vehicle.

The group was in action again this week, when in the early hours of Tuesday morning they deflated the tyres of 50 vehicles in the up-scale neighbourhood of Berlin-Grunewald.

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A police spokeswoman confirmed the group left notes on the vehicles informing their owners what they had done and why, with each note signed by The Tyre Extinguishers. This is not the first time the group has been active in Berlin. Similar acts have taken place in recent months in Potsdam, Friedenau and Steglitz-Zehlendorf. The group explicitly tries to target affluent neighbourhoods in order to compel rich people (already the biggest polluters) to reduce their carbon emissions.