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  • “Flat as a flounder”: SUVs targeted in Berlin suburbs

Tuesday 30, January

“Flat as a flounder”: SUVs targeted in Berlin suburbs

SUV drivers in the wealthy suburbs of Wannsee, Nikolassee and Schlachtensee had their vehicles targeted by climate activists on Monday.

Photo: IMAGO / Olaf Wagner

Tuesday 30, January

“At least one of your tyres is flat as a flounder”: SUVs targeted in Berlin suburbs

Several drivers in the leafy, wealthy suburbs of Wannsee, Schlachtensee and Nikolassee were unable to drive their SUVs on Monday morning after climate activists targeted their vehicles. According to police, 50 criminal complaints were filed on Monday, and more are expected to come.

On each of the cars, the perpetrators left a note which began “Don’t drive off! At least one of your tires is as flat as a flounder.” The letter went on to explain that the action was intended to make people reconsider their decision to drive large, CO2-emitting vehicles.

Previously, similar actions have been taken by groups like the Tyre Extinguishers, but this particular incident seems to have been the work of a group calling themselves Reifen platt for Future (flat tires for future).

These types of actions are becoming more and more prevalent in Berlin, with activists usually targeting SUVs or luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW in affluent areas across the city.

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According to the Tagesspiegel, there have been around 1,337 such incidents since 2022. Since the vandalism is clearly politically motivated, the case has been referred to the state security services.