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  • Bomb threats target Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Wednesday 25, October

Bomb threats target Berlin Hauptbahnhof

The bomb threat at Berlin Hauptbahnhof was received at 3am on Tuesday morning, but it wasn't the only one.

Photo: IMAGO / Political-Moments

Wednesday 25, October

Bomb threats target Berlin Hauptbahnhof, schools and media companies

The warning was raised at Hauptbahnhof at three o’clock on Tuesday morning. The threat had come in the form of an email received by Deutsche Bahn. Police immediately deployed additional emergency services but, upon investigation, determined that there was no immediate threat to passengers. This was not an isolated incident, however. Several institutions across Berlin were threatened on Monday and Tuesday, including schools, media outlets, embassies and the Willy Brandt House, an official building of the SPD. 

Further investigations are now being carried about by Germany’s state security agency, who suspect that these acts were politically motivated. The crime of disturbing the public peace by threatening to commit crimes carries a penalty of up to three years in prison, or a fine.

Berlin was not the only German city to receive bomb warnings. A school was evacuated in Regensburg after similar threats and  the ZDF headquarters in Mainz also had to clear out its 600 employees. Similar incidents occurred in Augsburg, Karlsruhe, Erfurt and Mönchengladbach.