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  • Arson attacks in Wilmersdorf and Neukölln?

Monday 28, August

Arson attacks in Wilmersdorf and Neukölln?

Last night saw two suspected cases of arson in Berlin, with a shopping centre in Neukölln and a kebab shop in Kreuzberg both targeted.

Photo: IMAGO / Marius Schwarz

The 150 square metre Sonnen-Center burned out completely last night, with emergency services only able to extinguish the fire after an hour. Nobody was injured, but the police are investigating the possibility of arson.

Another suspected case of arson occurred in Wilmersdorf yesterday, with a kebab shop on Uhlandstraße also being set ablaze. At 2.12am, residents and passers-by were startled by a large explosion. Windows in some neighbouring apartments were smashed by the blast, and cars parked nearby were damaged by shattered glass.

The döner shop was on the ground floor of a multi-story residential building. It was closed when the fire broke out. According to the police, a woman injured her leg leaving the building. Reportedly, two people wearing masks and hoodies were seen sprinting away from the location shortly after the explosion occurred.

Strangely, it seems that this kebab shop had once belonged to Berlin-based rapper Massiv who owns the “Baba’s Döner” franchise – but apparently the location is no longer part of that enterprise. On Sunday, Massiv shared on his Instagram page that the store had not been part of the chain for 5 months and had a new name.