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Thursday 7, September

Adopt a fish from Berlin Mitte

Heavy rain and warm temperatures are threatening the pond fish in Volkspark am Weinbergs. Now, Berlin is asking for help.

Remember, fish are friends, not food. Photo: IMAGO / Silas Stein

Update: Friday 8, September

Planned fish adoptions canceled due to Fisheries Department concerns

The district office of Berlin Mitte canceled the planned adoption of fish from the pond in Volkspark am Weinberg at short notice today, after the fisheries authority expressed concerns about the action. They have not said exactly what these concerns are. 100 fish had already been given to a private individual – their fate remains unknown.

Thursday 7, September

Adopt a fish from Berlin Mitte

Always wanted a pet but don’t fancy the hassle of dog-walking or dealing with cat litter? As of this Friday, the district office of Berlin-Mitte will be putting fish from the pond in Volkspark am Weinbergs up for adoption.

Why? Due to heavy rain and warm temperatures, the pond currently has too little oxygen to support the amount of fish that live there. A similar problem at Rudolph-Wilde Park a few weeks ago saw many of the fish resident in that pond suffocate and Mitte is trying to avoid a similar fate for these slippery souls.

How to get your hands on your new aquatic friend? From September 8, every Friday between 11am and 1pm, there will be the opportunity to adopt goldfish or carp from the pond in the park. If you’re interested you should notify the district office in advance, and you can then go and pick up your fish from the park. Don’t forget a clear plastic bag.

If it turns out that you and your carp soulmate just weren’t meant to be, you can also release them into public waters, such as rivers or big lakes. Please don’t put them into park ponds though, as that would kind of defeat the purpose of the whole business.