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Seymour Gris: Sarrazin’s next bestsellers

Thilo Sarrazin's at it again with his a new book announced recently on Günther Jauch's TV program. While the crazy man and his moustache already have a title down for his next "truth-sayer", Gris takes a crack at his future tomes of intolerance.

Germany’s self-appointed demagogue-in-chief, the Teutonic Tea Partier Thilo Sarrazin – famous for “saying it how it is” let another “uncomfortable truth” slip out on Günther Jauch’s talk show this weekend.

He was discussing his newest book since his runaway eugenicist hit Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany Does Away With Itself): Europa braucht den Euro nicht (Europe Doesn’t Need the Euro). An innocuous enough title you might think. And yet the mustachioed marauder never disappoints: referring to their support for Eurobonds to prop up the continent’s economy, his said the German opposition (SPD, Greens, Linke) were “driven by that very German reflex, according to which the atonement for the Holocaust and the Second World War will only be complete when all of our interests, and also our money, are placed in European hands.”

Sarrazin strikes again! Linking the Holocaust and the Euro? I never thought of that! Let’s hope there’s more about that fascinating topic in the book itself – which has yet to be released, by the way.

Everyone agrees: Germany needs more uncomfortable truths outed! And Thilo’s the man to do it. So I thought I’d help him out a little with a few future book title suggestions that are bound to strike a nerve with the German people and secure his place in the nation’s intellectual pantheon.

1) The Islamic Republic of Germany: The Salafist Threat to the German Constitution and Way of Life

2) The Failure of Hartz IV: Why Work Camps Would Make a Lot More Sense

3) The Jews: Why You Wish You Had Their Clever Genes

4) The Truth About the War and the Holocaust: How We Germans Have Been Brainwashed Into Believing the Victors’ Version of History

5) Club Med: Why Corruption and Laziness Are Embedded in the Mediterranean DNA

6) Left Bank: No More German Money for the Corrupt French!

7) Our Muslim Future: Why German Women Should Make Babies Now!

8) The Anti-Halal Cookbook: My Favourite Pork Recipes

9) Forget Fränzosisch! Thilo’s Practical Guide to Loving the German Way

10) And finally (though according to Sarrazin’s theories there will be no more Germans to read it in when it comes out in the year 2040): Mein Kampf (für Deutschland) – no translation required.