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EXBERLINER’s Summer issue

OUT NOW! "The summer issue". Biergarten and bike guide, under-the-radar tours and summer secrets from the editors. Plus an interview with about the underrated German genius.

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Our Summer issue is out now!

Inside you’ll find:

BIERGARTEN GUIDE The EXBERLINER editorial team went out to explore the capital’s greenest, grandest and grungiest outdoor watering holes.

UNDER-THE-RADAR TOURS Whether on the run or wheeled by a scooter or Trabi, dive into Berlin’s history under the guidance of real pros. On staycation this summer, EXBERLINER scoped out Berlin’s most original tours and gave them a whirl to see what they’re worth.

BIKE GUIDE Your all-around guide to bikes, trails, rental tips, DIY and everything else you need to make your summer biking adventures safe and smooth.

INSIDER TIPS FOR THE SUMMER Our diligent editors reveal their favorite Berlin summer hotspots. Plus Dr. Dot’s hot insider tips!

DAS KAPITAL AND THE CLUBS Every summer, the clubs on the river drum up media fuss about their imminent demise throwing elaborate “closing” parties over and over again. Is all this gentrification talk just a PR stunt by a few savvy nightlife entrepreneurs?

ASSISTED LOVING Elderly men being serviced by prostitutes is a reality that is kept discreet inside the walls of retirement homes. We take you in-depth this taboo within a taboo.


IMPORT/EXPORT The hills around Zece Prâjini are alive with the sound of brass music once again as Romanian brass bands have been multiplying in the west. As a result, more young Romanians are taking notice and returning to their roots.

BERLIN BITES From Abkhazia, with love to a Chinese tea garden to the best frozen yoghurt in Berlin.

And interviews with Brownian Movement actress SANDRA HÜLLER, BACHIR ATTAR from The Master Musicians of Jajouka and author of the book The German Genius: Europe’s Third Renaissance, the Second Scientific Revolution, and the Twentieth Century, PETER WATSON.

Don’t forget about our newer features: HIPSTER HITLER and our handy EVENTS CALENDAR.

And much more…

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