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  • Exberliner’s November issue is out now!


Exberliner’s November issue is out now!

OUT NOW! The OLD AGE SPECIAL! State-pensions are drying up, how will your RETIREMENT FUND fare? Germany's #1 PLAYBOY ROLF EDEN talks sex in old age! Five Berlin-based projects MAKE OLD BETTER from an ALZHEIMERS DANCE to AGING PETS! More inside...

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Our November OLD AND BOLD issue  is out now!

Inside you’ll find:

WHO’LL PAY OUR BILLS WHEN WE GET OLD? We all hope for a carefree retirement but it is looking more and more like old-age poverty awaits us all. Will you cope on less than €688 per month?

A TO Z From ‘Average’ to ‘Zehlendorf’, we go through Berlin’s most fascinating old facts!

The MOTHER AND THE WHORE Berlin’s oldest mother was 55 when she had child number 13 and Eva is Berlin’s self-proclaimed oldest prostitute at 71.

OLD AGE RAMPAGE Protesting and activism are ingrained in this city’s psyche and the elder generation aren’t afraid to take their stand too.

MAKING OLD BETTER We look at five Berlin-based projects offering alternative approaches to aging, from an Alzheimer’s dance party to looking after elderly pets.

OLD AND BOLD Six aging Berlin icons and mavericks defy all age stereotypes

GERMANY’S MOST UNEMPLOYABLE SEXAGENRIAN We talk to Udo Voigt, NPD’s former front man and see how he is faring on state unemployment benefits.

Also in this issue:

GOTYE This Belgian-Australian is definitely somebody you will always know. He tells us about life since The Big Song.

ANNEMIE VANACKERE The new artistic director of Berlin’s most exciting performance venue, HAU, tells us her plans for the institution.

KATJA NOVITSKOVA With a solo show at Kraupa-Tukany coming up this month, the artist explains how her Materialist philosophy informs her work.

Plus all the latest in film, food, events, fashion and much more!

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