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Exberliner’s Budget Berlin issue!

OUT NOW! THE BUDGET BERLIN SPECIAL! An extra page issue of Exberliner with all the best bargains, exclusive reader deals and insider tips for an affable and affordable summer in Berlin!

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The July/August 2012 BUDGET BERLIN SPECIAL is out now!

Inside the double issue (with more pages!):

CHEAP THRILLS IN BERLIN Ain’t nothing free in this life but you can get damn close. We have all the best deals, discounts and insider tips for a fun but frugal summer.

BUDGET BERLIN Cultural spendthrift, hard-up hipster, cash-strapped tourist or bargain basement tourist: what kind of saver are you?

BERLINERS ON THE BREADLINE There’s nothing “aber sexy” about Berlin’s increasing social segregations. As rents rise, is Hartz-IV behind the times?

VOICES FROM THE TARMAC The opening of the new multi-billion-euro airport has been put on hold till next spring. Exberliner speaks to the workers impacted by the airport.


GERMANY’S MOST UNREAD BESTSELLER As Bavaria’s copyright for Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf expires in 2015, Exberliner asks historian Othmar Plöckinger to dispel a few myths about Germany’s bestselling non-fiction book of all time.

WHY GREECE-BASHING IS NO LONGER FUNNY An Athens-raised bi-national Berliner weighs in on the cultural animosity surrounding the euro debate.

BERLIN TENNIS REVIVAL From swanky to skanky, Exberliner previews five public-friendly Berlin tennis clubs.

IGGY! Following the much-awaited reunion with The Stooges, Iggy Pop talks death rumours – but not drugs – with Exberliner.

Plus all the latest in film, food, events, fashion and much more!

You can order our July/August issue here. Or subscribe now and get a free restaurant voucher worth €15!