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Your Weekend: The poor house and what you want

Walter Crasshole gives you a few tips on how to get through a poor house weekend and how we can help and serves you up your fav raves anyways, as well as a couple interesting shows.

Since we’ve all had those days where it seems like we’re living off kleine Brötchen and possible guest list opportunities, I thought I would take this week to plug some of the ways EXBERLINER can help you lose that budget weight, while still “eating everything you want” – and without the danger of heart failure.

Our Six days, six fairs piece clearly highlights the importance of the money-art relationship, except in the case of Preview Berlin (Oct 7-10 @ Tempelhof) – follow the link for giveaway information for a pair of tickets for any day of your choice. As good as free art is, if your day doesn’t begin until way after that deadline, then the other option is the Taking Steps (Oct 8 @ Sophiensaele) – an onstage journey where the boundaries of dance are explored. Our event page as more details.

Among events that are worth scraping money together for, there are plenty, but my money is on Eclectica (Sat, Oct 9 @ Supamolly) – three of my favorite off-kilter acts performing in one place, it’s like people actually put on and go to shows again. Of course, you can tip the scales to oh-so-formerly-great Of Montreal (Sun, Oct 10 @ Admiralpalast) and hope that they brought Susan Sarandon along. Otherwise, there’s Der Ganz Normale Wahnsinn (Sat, Oct 9 @ Umspannwerk Mitte), which might sound like a giant cliché (rave, days long, warehouse, abandoned…), you love it anyways – even after you find out that the name of the party means “The Everyday Madness” in English.