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Your Weekend: Are you crazy yet?

Read this blog and make Walter more famous than Gayle Tufts. Or just figure out what the hell you're doing for the weekend. There's no real escape from Christmas here though. Or baby Jesus.

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Photo by Francis Storr (Francis Storr; Flickr CC)

Are you crazy yet? There’s always too much shit to do around this time of year and all I’d rather do is get drunk instead. But I need every spare moment at this point in time to remain sober, otherwise I’ll never get all of it done. I’m willing to bet a good number of people feel the same.

Thankfully, Christmas, at least, falls on Saturday, its Eve on Friday – therefore, your final unwind coincides with the weekend… here are a couple of items for Friday. I’m not going to bother with Saturday because we have a thorough and exhaustive list of parties from everybody at the EXB den for you to see here.

The night Jeebus was born is no escape from Christmas though. It’s full of nothing but variations on how everyone likes to exploit the theme. Exquisite Weihnacht (Fri, Dec 24 @ Suicide Circus) serves up trademark techno a la Dave DK and the rest of the Exquisite Crew. On a more disturbing note, you can get cocktails from a golden-haired baby Jesus at Holy Night Club (Fri, Dec 24 @ Bar 11). I’m assuming they’re not really employing child labor, so prepare for grown men in diapers.

As for Sunday, Gayle Tufts’ (the most famous American in Germany aside from me) new show, Everybody”s Showgirl opens (Sun, Dec 26 @ Admiralspalast). Read all about the show and her experience as an American expat in our recent interview with Tufts. And for those craving German homegrown, Eisbrecher (Sun, Dec 26 @ Huxley’s Neue Welt) storm Berlin with all the underground “cred” from Bavaria that they can muster.

Happy Holidays, kidz. Oh, and our over-the-top for choices NYE party round-up is already there to grace your browsers, so you can plan two weekends at once!