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Where to play table tennis in Berlin

Don't know where to play table tennis in Berlin? We spoke to ping pong expert Dan Zell about his favourite spots.

Photo: Dan Zell

Want to play table tennis, but don’t know where to go? Look no further: We spoke with the founder of sustainable table tennis gear company Toucan to get you the answer to your ping pong prayers. 

Whether you lean casual or competitive, here are the best spots for playing table tennis in Berlin.

Strandbad Wannsee

Photo: Dan Zell

Opened in 1907, Strandbad Wannsee is one of the largest inland lidos in Europe and a popular summer spot among Berliners. But swimming isn’t the only sport you can participate in here – there are also ping pong tables to play at that are perfect on a hot day. 

  • Strandbad Wannsee


Photo: Dan Zell

According to Dan Zell, this is the perfect place for “playing under a sunshine spotlight, late into the evening. While the park has loads of tables, I love this one in the corner the most. It gets sun until late into the evening, and because of its positioning – nestled within a corner of the iconic pastel post-war apartment blocks – you feel like you’re playing your game in a sort of sci-fi ping pong stadium.”

  • Böcklerpark Kreuzberg

Sommerbad Kreuzberg

Photo: Dan Zell

After you’ve had your fill of swimming, Dan recommends “leafy rallies beside the Sommerbad. These tables are tucked away from the madness of the pools themselves in a super shady spot, so they’re nice and peaceful too.”

  • Sommerbad Kreuzberg


Photo: Dan Zell

Having trouble finding a free table? Head to Franz-Klühs-Straße for “a game ‘unter Augen’.” As Dan can attest, “This is such a gem! Right in the heart of Kreuzberg but just hidden away from view, so the tables are very often free.”

  • Franz-Klühs-Straße Kreuzberg


Photo: Dan Zell

Midsummer Night’s Dream vibes” make this table oin Tiergarten one of Dan’s favourite places to play. “The table isn’t in the best condition,” he tells us, “but there’s probably no more magical spot in all of Berlin.”

  • Tiergarten

Böhmischer Platz

Photo: Dan Zell

Looking for a challenge? Dan describes this spot as “competition at the heart of the community – this is such a fun spot as there’s always a buzz on Böhmischer Platz.”

  • Böhmischer Platz Neukölln


Photo: Dan Zell

Located right by the KINDL (No, not the beer) Centre for Contemporary Art in Neukölln, this “contemporary art and ping-pong double-header” is one of our favourite spots for ping pong.

  • KINDL Neukölln

Lichtenrader Straße

Photo: Dan Zell

Only the savviest table tennis aficionados play at the ping pong table on Lichtenrader Straße. “This is an absolute hidden gem – so much so that I’d almost rather keep it to myself! You’re right next door to Tempelhofer Feld, but tucked away in an absolutely idyllic hinterhof. Good to know: play stops at 8pm sharp, to give the residents their peace and quiet.” 

  • Lichtenrader Straße Neukölln


Photo: Dan Zell

Located amongst the greenery on Franz-Jacob-Straße, this ping pong spot offers a balance of sunshine and shade, making it perfect for playing on a hot summer day.

  • Franz-Jacob-Straße Friedrichshain


Photo: Dan Zell

Rudolfplatz is home both to a climbing wall and ping pong tables. “I always think that Rudolfplatz is an underrated gem of a square, neatly between Warschauer Straße and Ostkreuz, with a great lineup of climbing columns, playground, sports court and two really high quality tables.”

  • Rudolfplatz Friedrichshain

Kurlӓnder Allee

Photo: Dan Zell

This spot seems unassuming, but it’s actually surprisingly convenient for those in the middle of a summer excursion. “Table-tennis by the forest – great if you’re en route to Teufelsee over the summer season.”

  • Kurländer Allee Grunewald

Tempelhofer Feld

Photo: Dan Zell

True, skaters tend to take the spotlight at Tempelhofer Feld, but that doesn’t mean skating is the only sport the former airport has to offer – it also happens to be a great place to play table tennis.

  • Tempelhofer Feld Tempelhof

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