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Where to buy your Christmas tree in Berlin

We've compiled the best places in and around Berlin to find sustainably sourced Christmas trees.

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Not got your tree yet? Don’t worry. Finding the perfect Christmas tree is a beloved tradition, but it is important to stay environmentally conscious. That’s why for this list we are selecting for only places where you can find sustainably sourced trees. And, if you really want to go the extra mile, there are a few places further afield where you can swing the axe yourself and chop down your own fir tree! 

Bio Trees


Here, the slogan is “the tree from your grove”, and you can find organic Nordmann and Nobilis firs from the Schulte Göbel company, based in North Rhine-Westphalia at the Kieztanne in Friedrichshain. With trees ranging from between one and four meters in size, Kieztanne is open every Advent weekend and prices start from 25 euros.

  • Kieztanne, Libauer Str. 22, Friedrichshain, details.
Photo: Imago / ANP

Hirsch & Eber

This Prenzlauer Berg establishment is a restaurant that also sells Christmas trees. Not just a restaurant in fact but a “wild grill” serving sustainable game shot by hunters in Brandenburg. It makes sense, then, that they are also dedicated to providing regional, sustainable options for Christmas trees. Again from the Schulte-Göbel company in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hirsch & Ebers trees are sold during the restaurant’s regular opening hours, with prices starting from 35 euros.

  • Hirsch & Eber, Kollwitzstr. 87, Prenzlauer Berg, trees on sale weekends 12 – 20:00, details.

Domäne Dahlem 

If you want to make a day of it, you can head down to the Advent Market at the Domäne Dahlem estate. Open every Advent weekend, here you can enjoy a range of festive activities while you collect your tree, such as a tractor ride across the wintry estate and listening to Christmas music by a live brass quartet. Their organic trees come from the Schulte-Göbel company in Schmallenberg-Felbecke.

  • Domäne Dahlem, Königin-Luise-Str. 49, Dahlem, Dec. 1st – 3rd. / 8th – 10th / 15th – 17th, details.
Domäne Dahlem Advent Market. Photo: K. Wendlandt

Berliner Tannenquelle 

Based in Zehlendorf and Steglitz, Berliner Tannenquelle offers Naturland Nordmann firs from the Günther Marx Gmbh company in Rieneck, alongside their range of non-organic trees. The dedicated staff will help you with every aspect of the process, from choosing your tree to arranging its delivery. Trees are on sale at Berliner Tannenquelle until December 24th.

  • Berliner Tannenquelle, Siemensstr. 21, Steglitz, open until December 24th, details.

Guschke Plant Center & Garden Nursery 

At the Guschke Plant Center in Zehlendorf, you can purchase Naturland Nordmann, as well as conventionally produced trees. Originating from the Günther Marx Gmbh company in Rieneck, the trees will be on sale until December 24th.

  • Guschke Plant Center & Garden Nursery, Hohentwielsteig 30, Zehlendorf, details
Photo: Imago / Funke Foto Services


Organic trees are also available at this florist in Zehlendorf-Steglitz. Selling Nordmann firs, blue spruces and Nobilis firs, you can support them by purchasing your organic tree from them this Christmas.

  • Blumenstand Clayallee, Clayallee 81, Zehlendorf-Steglitz, 8 – 18:00


For one of the most convenient options for this year’s bio-Baum, take a trip to your local Ikea! With their certified bio firs originating from Volker Grüber’s cultures in Halver and Meschede, the Scandi favourite is an affordable and convenient option for a more sustainable festive season. The trees are on sale until December 23rd, but be sure to pay attention to the organic label, as not all of their trees are certified bio.

Hardware Stores

Photo: Imago / ANP

Having a more sustainable Christmas need not take you far from your regular errands, you can also find bio trees at several Berlin hardware chains. Why not pick up a Nordmann fir while you’re grabbing some DIY essentials for the house? 


Hellweg hardware and garden centre



Cut Your Own Tree

Photo: Imago / Pro Shots

You can even take DIY a step further and chop down your own tree! There are several spots in nearby Brandenburg where you can cut out the middleman by cutting down your very own organic Christmas tree. This way you’ll be able to select the perfect tree and enjoy a trip to one of the many cosy, festive spots that Brandenburg has to offer. Take a breather away from the city and learn a new skill while also ensuring you know exactly where your tree has come from. Check out our list of the best places for getting your hands dirty and chopping down your own Christmas tree.

  • Werderaner Tannenhof – Weihnachtsbäume Tannen, Marktstr. 2, Werder (Havel), details.
  • Behrendt Hof, Segeletzer Str. 6, Nackel, details.
  • Christmas tree forest Am Mellensee, Hauptstr. 22 WeihnachtsbaumWald, am Mokeweg 1000 m ab, details.
  • Bauer Nietsch, Seeweg 3, Werneuchen, OT Tiefensee, details.
  • G. Schubert Nursery, Mühlenbergweg 9, Sydower Fließ, details.
  • Krämerwaldhof Köhler, Am Krämerwald 13, Oberkrämer, details
  • Ucker Tanne Schwedt/Oder, Kunow, details
  • Wüstemark Zeuthen forestry department, Försterei Wüstemark, Zeuthen, details.