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Where can I watch the 2022 World Cup?

There are plenty of good reasons to boycott the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, but if you do decide to watch the football, where in Berlin should you go?

Photo: IMAGO / MIS

The World Cup 2022 in Qatar is undoubtedly one of the most controversial instances of the tournament ever staged. From the outset, the spectacle has been mired in corruption, human rights abuses and clear evidence of outrageous discrimination in the host country. It’s shameful on behalf of FIFA, and it’s also a huge disappointment that the first time the tournament is hosted in a Muslim country the occasion feels somewhat tainted.

Many venues are choosing to boycott the World Cup, and we respect that choice. However, it is still a huge event, followed by billions across the globe. Watching sports is an opportunity to bring people together and connect over a shared love of the game, so with that in mind, we’ve made a list of places (sorted by country) where you can view the matches. But as you watch, be mindful of the situation in Qatar and maybe try supporting some of these organisations:

  • Amnesty International’s campaign to support the migrant workers
  • Berlin based Watch and Share who will be collecting donations for the families of dead workers at public viewing locations across Berlin.
  • Any of these Qatari NGOs
  • Sign this petition demanding that FIFA and Qatar guarantee the safety of LGBTQIA+ fans

So, who are we supporting this World Cup?


Gloria Empanadas / Gloria Berlin

Photo: @gloria_berlin on Instagram

If you didn’t pick it up from the title, Gloria’s speciality is empanadas (a traditional pastie-like dish in most of Latin America). The staff are friendly and often trilingual, and the food is delicious. In short, it’s the perfect place to cheer on your team. Gloria will be showing all the Latin American games this year.

  • Gloria
    • Görlitzer Str. 42 (Kreuzberg)
    • Danziger Str. 17 (Prenzlauer Berg)


Corroboree Restaurant

Corroboree on the Goulburn River painted by artist Caroline Le Souf in early 1895. The painting depicts a corroboree of the Bangarang tribe in December 1842. Photo: IMAGO / Artokoloro2

Named for an indigenous term that can mean a dance ceremony or an informal gathering, Corroboree is a fantastic place to watch the Australian games. If Australia wins, treat yourself at a local Aussie brunch spot! If they lose, the avocado toast will taste just as good through the tears.


HERMAN Belgian Bar

Photo: HERMAN Belgian Bar

This cosy little bar is made for beer lovers. You can choose from a wide selection of Belgian beers (or let the knowledgeable owner choose one for you) and drink while you watch the Red Devils play.


Alexa Jeans Brasil

Photo: AJ Brazil

What is Alexa Jeans Brasil exactly? Is it a Brazilian grocery store, a restaurant, a clothes and cosmetics store? The answer to all those questions is: yes. It’s one of the most unique and off-beat places to watch the Brazil games this World Cup. Brazil is due a strong tournament show this year, so anyone planning to visit should lock down a space early.


Pan Africa

African Chicken Peanut Stew. Photo: IMAGO / agefotostock

West African cuisine at its finest: the stew options are out of this world. The ambience couldn’t be better for sparking some national pride, regardless of whether or not you’re from Cameroon. Visit here for other games featuring West African teams. African food can’t possibly be contained in one restaurant, so take a look at some of our other recommendations.

  • Pan Africa, Kirchhofstraße 41 / Ecke Wipperstraße


The Poutine Kitchen

Photo: @thepoutinekitchen on Instagram

The Arminiusmarkthalle is the venue showing the games, but while you’re watching Canada play, you really ought to stop by and get yourself THE quintessential Canadian dish. Belgium, Croatia and Morocco are the others in the group, so it won’t be easy, but Canada have an interesting team this year and anything’s possible.

Costa Rica

Gloria Empanadas / Gloria Berlin

(see Argentina above)

Costa Rica are facing some stiff competition in their group, up against powerhouses Germany, Japan and Spain. Head down to Gloria for the group stage; it might be your only chance to see this nation play at the top level any time soon.

  • Gloria
    • Görlitzer Str. 42 (Kreuzberg)
    • Danziger Str. 17 (Prenzlauer Berg)



Photo: Poropati

This bar has well-priced drinks, board games and table soccer. They also host karaoke nights on Sundays, so if you go to the game on the 27th, make sure to sing an ode to Croatia afterwards with your fellow fans. The owners (Croatian and Italian) want to provide a social space for foreigners to connect, so get on over here and bond over a love of sports.


FC Magnet Bar

Photo: @fcmagnetbar on Instagram

FC Magnet is showing all the games! They’ve got an abundance of screens (and a shortage of chairs) so arrive early to get a spot as reservations are not available. Support Denmark specifically by streaming Danish artist Lucky Lo or visiting Sofi in Mitte.


Gloria Empanadas / Gloria Berlin

(see Argentina above)

Ecuador are up against host nation Qatar, reigning African champs Senegal and always well performing Netherlands in their group stage. This should make for some very exciting football, so make sure you join in the festivities with all of your Latin American countrymen at Gloria!

  • Gloria
    • Görlitzer Str. 42 (Kreuzberg)
    • Danziger Str. 17 (Prenzlauer Berg)


Home Bar

Photo: @homebarberlin on Instagram

With ten beers/ciders on tap, this is a great place to get a little slice of home for homesick Brits. They’ll be showing all the English games as well as all the German ones. Get there early though, this cosy pub fills up fast, especially in winter – and watch the drunk English who still haven’t worked out that their national anthem has changed!


La Buvette

Photo: @labuvetteberlin on Instagram

This French wine bar will be showing games that are on earlier in the day (call to confirm), but they’re unsure about the rest. Regardless, they’ve got some real nice wine, and France are always a fantastic team to watch and hopefully we will find out if Paul Pogba really did curse his teammate Mbappe.


Final training of the German national team before the test match against Oman. Photo: IMAGO / Ulmer/Teamfoto

This may be a no-brainer – here is a list of public viewing locations. But we should mention Isabella Renner Jones’s project Watch and Share who will be happy to accept donations for the families of dead construction workers. You can find her and her team at Kulturbrauerei for the first Germany match.


Pan Africa

(see Cameroon above)

Ghana are also facing some serious competition in their group stage, facing off against Portugal, South Korea and Uruguay. They made the quarter finals in 2010, so don’t rule them out too soon. Get into the swing of things at one of Berlin’s Ghanaian restaurants before heading down to Pan Africa for the game.

  • Pan Africa, Kirchhofstraße 41 / Ecke Wipperstraße



Fish stew from southern Iran with coriander and tamarind. Photo: IMAGO / TT

Saray boasts the classic Iranian staples: kebaps, stews, and all kinds of rice offerings. There are also some truly tasty desserts – have you ever tried date ice cream? Eat your fill of Persian food, show solidarity with what’s going on in Iran. However the national team performs, it should certainly make for an interesting atmosphere.


Taqueria El Oso

Taqueria El Oso. Photo: Clemens Niedenthal

Inside Markthalle Pfefferberg lies some of the best Mexican food in Berlin, maybe even (dare we say it?) all of Germany. You may come to the market to watch the game and cheer on your team, but you’ll stay for the food.


Restaurant Baraka

Moroccan soup Harira. Photo: IMAGO / agefotostock

This is one of the top-rated restaurants in Berlin because the food is exceptional and well-priced – you don’t have to empty your wallet to eat here. The menu is made up of traditional food from the region of Maghreb (Northwest Africa) but mostly from Morocco. Our recommendation: the harira. Morocco have a tough group, facing Croatia, Canada and Belgium – so you might not have too much time to enjoy this one.


FC Magnet Bar

(see Denmark above) The Dutch usually perform well at the World Cup, but sadly they have never won it. They do however hold the world record for the most second-place finishes, losing to West Germany, Argentina and Spain in the 1974, 1978 and 2010 World Cups respectively. Maybe this is the year they go all the way? If any readers have a great specifically Dutch spot, let us know and we’d be happy to add it (we love Dutch beer here).


Mały Książę

Photo: Peter Sachse

It’s the perfect time of year for some of the heartiest food you can get. Pierogi dumplings, Polish cakes, sharing plates, Polish groceries and for the next few weeks, every game that the Polish team plays. Sounds like a great time to us. Na Zdrowie!


Lisboa Bar am Boxi

Photo: Johannes Jülch

Find your favourite Portuguese tapas, pastries, coffee, wine, snacks and delicacies at Lisboa Bar am Boxi. They aren’t normally open on Mondays, but they’re making an exception for FIFA… as would we all given the appropriate envelope.


Pan Africa

Senegal are the reigning champions of Africa – and with star player Sadio Mané this might be the best chance an African team has to go the distance since Ghana made the quarter-finals in the 2010 World Cup. So why not grab some food at Senegambia – then head over to Pan Africa (see Cameroon above) to watch the games.

  • Pan Africa, Kirchhofstraße 41 / Ecke Wipperstraße


Restaurant Šljiva

Photo: @sljivaberlin on instagram

This place is also inside Arminiusmarkthalle (see Canada above). Restaurant Šljiva serves Serbian soul food: traditional dishes from fish stew to cornbread with Balkan cheese. Grab dinner, then watch the games in the market.



Photo: IMAGO / Panthermedia

Spain are in Germany’s group – so you’re unlikely to miss their games, at least in the early stages. But if you want to enjoy the often electric atmosphere of Spanish football there will likely be plenty of chances. Like many of us, Yosoy have serious misgivings about the tournament, but it’s still a great place to try some tapas in Berlin. They’re located near several sports bars, so if they do decide to boycott the tournament in the end, you can watch the Spanish games after your meal.

  • Yosoy, Rosenthaler Str. 37


La Maison Bleue

Photo: @la_maison_bleue_berlin on Instagram

La Maison Bleue is also unsure if they’ll be showing the games, but whether or not they do, we want to direct you towards their restaurant. It’s family-run, they use traditional Tunisian Berber recipes that have been passed down for generations and it’s one of the cosiest places we’ve ever seen (just take a look at their Instagram).


Gloria Empanadas / Gloria Berlin

Luiz Suarez, Edinson Cavani, Darwin Nunez, Federico Valverde: Uruguay have a great team – but it’s not getting any younger. Is this the year they finally have a shot at World Cup glory? We recommend enjoying some empanadas and the Latin American football fever at Gloria.

(see Argentina above)

  • Gloria
    • Görlitzer Str. 42 (Kreuzberg)
    • Danziger Str. 17 (Prenzlauer Berg)



Photo: @belushis_berlinalex

Order a bacon burger, BBQ wings or combine them both with the BBQ bacon melt; you’ll feel right at home. Belushi’s is showing all the games, and we’re 100 percent certain you’ll find some Americans to cheer with. Just make sure to reserve your spot in advance so you’re not left out of the festivities.

  • Belushi’s, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41 or Ziegelstrasse 28


The Lir

Photo: Guido Hellweg

OK, The Lir is an Irish pub. But in the same way that not being English is a big part of Irish identity, a huge part of being Welsh is not being English. The Lir is a big rugby pub, too, so they’ll be showing all the Welsh games. Get together for a pint of Guinness and celebrate the fact that Lizzie is in a box.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find places specific to Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea or Switzerland. There are several venues that will show all the World cup games, but if you know of any events happening for these countries, please let us know. Here are some recommendations for Berlin restaurants specific to Korea, Japan and Switzerland.

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