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What Can You Expect From a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Save money on these high-quality hair transplant treatments in Turkey.

People increasingly opt for a hair transplant in Turkey, the land of expert, award-winning surgeons providing high-quality treatments at competitive prices. They save thousands of dollars while getting permanent, natural-looking results. 

If you’ve been considering Turkey for your hair transplant, we highly recommend conducting extensive research before choosing a hair transplant clinic. Your safety and the desired results will depend on it. 

Many Turkish clinics deserve to be on your shortlist, but Vera Clinic stands out. We’ve researched its services and genuine patient reviews to provide unbiased information and help you make an educated decision.

Vera Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey 

Vera Clinic is a renowned hair transplant, dental aesthetics, and cosmetic surgery clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. The country’s several prominent plastic surgeons founded it in 2013, assembling a team of skilled and trained medical professionals with a mission to revolutionize the industry. 

A dozen experienced hair transplant, anesthesiology, dental, and general and cosmetic surgery professionals — including plastic surgeons Ekrem Keskin and Engin Selamioğlu — combine medical expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide outstanding results. 

They focus on continual staff training, tech development, innovation, and constant improvement of quality standards to achieve optimal results and ensure patient safety and satisfaction. They have over 30,000 national and international patients. 

Vera Clinic’s hair restoration experts have received many accolades. They’ve helped it join the ranks of the best clinics in its category, earning it the Best Hair Transplant Clinic Award at the 2021 European Awards in Medicine. 

It’s undoubtedly an excellent choice for a quality hair transplant in Istanbul

Hair transplant prices in the US vs. Turkey 

Have you researched hair transplant prices in the US? They’re astronomical, preventing many men and women from surgically restoring their hair. 

Regrowing your hair with surgery in the US costs a staggering $12,400–$18,900, depending on the procedure, transplantation technique, and the number of hair grafts you need to transplant, among other factors. This price tag forces many to travel to Turkey as medical tourists because they’ll pay up to 90% less. 

The hair transplant cost in Turkey is between $2,100 and $8,600, depending on the clinic, surgeon, and the factors above. Vera Clinic has some of the most affordable prices, ranging from €2,900 ($3,200) and €3,250 (roughly $3,600). 

That’s dramatically cheaper than in the US — which doesn’t mean the quality is lower. Turkish clinics, including Vera Clinic, follow the highest industry standards regarding procedures, quality, and patient safety. The only difference is Turkey’s economy is weaker. 

The devalued Turkish lira, low labor costs, cheap medical infrastructure, and the low cost of living affect the prices in Turkey, making everything — including hair transplants — a bargain for foreigners. 

Hair transplant packages at Vera Clinic 

One of the best perks of getting a hair transplant in Istanbul is all-inclusive services. The prices above don’t include only the surgery — they’re a package deal incorporating hospital fees, accommodation, transfers, consultations, and aftercare extras. 

Here’s what you get in a hair transplant package at Vera Clinic: 

●    Online hair and scalp analysis (initial consultation) 

●    A blood test before the surgery 

●    Hair transplantation with the maximum number of grafts 

●    Clinical hair washing (a day after the surgery) 

●    An aftercare kit with creams, shampoos, painkillers, and antibacterial serums 

●    A guide to managing your newly transplanted hair 

●    Accommodation in a five-star hotel 

●    Transportation (airport pick-up and drop-off and transfers between the hotel and the clinic) 

●    Language interpretation services 

●        Online follow-ups 

These are excellent reasons to choose Vera Clinic, making airfare your only travel expense and enjoying a stress-free experience. In addition, patients can book an Oxycure therapy. The innovative Oxycure therapy is a non-invasive treatment method based on the use of oxygen. This therapy is used during hair transplantation to support wound healing and promote hair growth. 

Hair transplant services and techniques at Vera Clinic 

Besides hair transplant procedures (including female and Afro hair transplants), Vera Clinic specializes in eyebrow, beard, mustache, and sideburn transplants. Depending on the treatment, its surgeons restore hair with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), micro FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). 

Here’s how some of these cutting-edge techniques work. 

Sapphire FUE 

This FUE hair transplant method involves a micromotor tool to extract the hair from the donor area (with thick, dense hair) and insert it in the recipient area (with thinning hair or bald patches). 

That motorized surgical tool makes tiny slits in the scalp in the predetermined spots to enable hair transplantation. However, no scarring is visible after recovery, and healing is quick. 

What makes it different from the traditional FUE is the tool has sapphire tips instead of steel blades, which means higher precision, less scalp trauma, and a lower risk of hair damage. 


The DHI method is an advanced FUE technique that doesn’t include incisions — which means even less tissue and hair damage. It involves a Choi implanter pen — a state-of-the-art surgical tool for directly inserting harvested hair grafts. Its hollow needle enables seamless extraction and simultaneous implantation — without previously opening channels. 

Vera Clinic is famous as a DHI hair transplant clinic in Turkey because its surgeons have mastered this innovative hair transplantation technique. They also use it for beard transplants, achieving higher density than with FUE. 

Excellent Vera Clinic results: before and after 

Vera Clinic should be on your list when searching for the best hair transplant in Istanbul. Its patients’ before and after photos speak volumes about its surgeons’ expertise and dedication to quality. They carefully place each hair follicle to ensure it perfectly matches a patient’s natural hair, paying attention to growth direction, angle, and depth. 

Examine the photos to see what to expect after your hair transplant surgery and how the final result will look after one year of hair growth. After sifting through authentic patient reviews, we can say Vera Clinic ticks all the boxes — and we’re confident you’ll share our opinion. 


Restoring your hair in Turkey will save you a small fortune, so we highly recommend considering it. Vera Clinic is a quality hair transplant clinic in Turkey offering excellent services at affordable prices — significantly cheaper than in the US. 

Schedule your free consultation and hair analysis to learn more about it and see if you’re a suitable hair transplant candidate.