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  • Nerd alert: What to do at Berlin Science Week


Nerd alert: What to do at Berlin Science Week

Berlin Science Week is starting this Wednesday. We’ve dissected their programme and selected 10 events to ignite your curiosity. 

Einstein in the Dome, Zeiss Grossplanetarium at Berlin Science Week 2022. Photo: Berlin Science Week

In the spirit of discovery, scientists work tirelessly to unshroud the world’s most captivating mysteries. Now, they’re ready to share their knowledge and innovations with us all – cue Berlin Science Week! 

In this annual festival, scientists from Berlin and beyond come together to celebrate the latest in research and innovation. Through public workshops, exhibitions, performances and more, the Berlin science community will let you peek through the microscope into the world of discovery. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your sixth year of a never-ending PhD or haven’t taken a science class since high school – Science Week is sure to have something for you. 

Quantum Escape Challenge

Photo: Dan Meyers / Unsplash

Maybe your flatmate’s drunken rant about their quantum mechanics thesis went over your head. Not to worry – Berlin’s Quantum Devices Research Unit is here to help you pick up the pieces. In an escape room-style game, they’ll have you solve puzzles to ultimately “activate” a quantum computer. We promise, getting locked into a room to learn about physics couldn’t be more fun! 

  • Einstein Center Digital Future, Wilhelmstr. 67, Mitte details

Science Slam 

Photo: Jacob Padilla / Unsplash

What happens when you combine science with costumes, props, PowerPoints and live experiments? Something weird and wonderful, no doubt. Join eight scientists as they vie to explain their research in the most entertaining way possible. May the best nerd win! 

  • Forum, Holzmarktstr. 25, Friedrichshain, details

Deep Rising 

Photo: Shiju B / Unsplash

The deep sea, a vital factory of life-sustaining material, is being steadily depleted for human benefit. In the documentary Deep Rising, director Matthieu Rytz offers an intimate view into the destructive practices of The Metals Company, a mining startup which scours the seafloor for extractable metals. 

  • Museum für Naturkunde, Invalidenstr. 43, Mitte, English with German subtitles, details


© Enya Weidner

Neuroscientists the world over are working hard to understand the mushy gloop in our heads. They also want you to know, though, that this mushy gloop can also be breathtakingly beautiful. In an innovative interdisciplinary exhibition, neuroscience researchers-slash-artists will use a variety of media to explain the brain in a way we can all understand. 

  • eyesquare, Schlesische Str. 29/30D, Kreuzberg, details

Art & Science Fair 

Photo: Marek Hope @kauliflower.print

As information is increasingly democratised, scientists are finding creative new avenues to communicate quality information. The Art & Science Fair will put emphasis on the creative in a market dedicated to science-inspired artwork. See the world through a scientist’s eyes, with everything from nature-inspired drawings to jewellery made from sustainable biomaterials. 

  • Forum, Holzmarktstr. 25, Friedrichshain, details

Design Your Own Superhero 

Photo: Krzysztof Maksimiuk / Unsplash

Where do science and science-fiction meet? Find out in this imaginative design workshop, co-run by graphic artist Gary Erskine and science communicator Dr Mhairi Stewart. You’ll learn the scientific truth behind your favourite comic book characters and get the chance to design a (somewhat) scientifically-accurate superhero of your own. 

  • Forum, Holzmarktstr. 25, Friedrichshain, details


© Katharina Ziemke

In the world’s current state of climate emergency, multimedia artist Katharina Ziemke is using her voice to illuminate the tensions between activism and political inertia. Her installation, Umwetter (“storm”), uses portrayals of extreme weather as a metaphor for the climate crisis. Paintings and a video series highlight the catastrophic consequences of increasingly powerful storms and aim to galvanise viewers into equally powerful action. 

  • Lichthof Ost, Unter den Linden 6, Mitte, details


Photo: Christin Hume / Unsplash

Last time you were down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, did you notice how few biographical articles were about women? In English and German, apparently it’s a sobering 17–18% – but this workshop aims to change that. Get a crash course in Wiki wordsmithing with the WomenEdit Group Berlin and bring visibility to women and other underrepresented groups in the internet’s most expansive free knowledge base. 

  • Rahel Hirsch Center for Translational Medicine, Luisenstr. 65, Mitte, in English and German, details.

Bound through Air: AIRNSHARE #2

The first iteration of AIRNSHARE. Photo: © MANDY KLÖTZER Photography

We’re all connected by the air we breathe. Not so great during cold and flu season, but perfect for this exhibition and participatory performance by the CollActive Materials research group. Have a look through their exhibition about the threats posed by emissions and the technologies that can solve them, and lend your lungs to an inflatable sculpture exhibition. 

  • clb berlin im Aufbau Haus, Prinzenstr., Kreuzberg, 84.2, details

Science of Rave 

Photo: Pim Myten / Unsplash

Berliners are attracted to raves like a wasp to a Radler in the summer. Ever wondered, though, what makes your brain ravenous for a rave? Join the Science of Rave collective for a mind-blowing workshop on the phenomena behind clubbing culture. Stay on after and put your new learnings to the test with an all-night closing party directly after the workshop. 

  • Säälchen, Holzmarktstr. 25, Friedrichshain, details