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Tierschutzpartei (Animal Rights Party)

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Photo by Anna Achon

Sabrina Balcholke, 30, Candidate for The Tierschutzpartei Berlin

What are the first three things you’ll do if you’re elected?

1.) Prohibit all forms of animal cruelty and mistreatment. 2.) Try to combat social problems and tackle social issues, predominantly crime. 3.) Wish happiness on all the city’s citizens.

Where does animal mistreatment start?

Animals should never be used as toys. Leaving dogs in flats all day is also a practice which we believe falls into the category of mistreatment. If people are unable to fulfil a pet’s basic needs, then the simple solution is not to have a pet.

Should animals have the right to vote?

No, of course not. Although maybe when we eventually live in a world that boasts more animals than people, they should. But seriously, the German political system suffers from a severe lack of parties who support animal rights and welfare. Animals have no legal right of action, so they need people and organizations. We’re those people.

Wowi or Renate?

I would have to say Künast. Though animal welfare only represents a small component of the Green party’s manifesto, the issue is at least addressed.


Number of members: 1030 nationwide, 48 in Berlin.

Typical supporter: “A normal, simple person, with a heart.”

Party Leader: Stefan Bernhard Eck (federal), Artur Kalka (Berlin).

Founded: 1993, Bonn.

Stronghold: Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

Claim to fame: The world’s first political party dedicated to animal protection.

Slogan: “So the future has a chance.”

Likely results: “At least 3 percent.”