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  • The X Party: EXB turns 10!


The X Party: EXB turns 10!

Our huge 10 year celebration at Arena/Badeschiff explodes on FRI, JUNE 29 at 18:00 with plenty of jubilation! Aérea Negrot! Schwarz Don’t Crack! Susanna Berivan! All live! Make sure you write the date down NOW and don't miss it!

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UPDATE! POSTPONED FOR MORE EXCITEMENT! Our huge 10 year celebration at Arena/Badeschiff has been pushed back to a more hospitable Friday, June 29  at 18:00 for warmer weather and MORE jubilation! Make sure you write the date down NOW and don’t miss it!

Way back in 2002, Exberliner’s enterprising founders set up shop in Prenzlauer Berg with nothing but a couple of used computers, some IKEA furniture and a dream. Ten years later, after multiple lawsuits, a host of lost-in-translation misunderstandings and the requisite amount of debauchery, Berlin’s one and only expat magazine is still standing.

To cap off the first decade of Exberliner’s existence, we’re celebrating the way any 10-year-old would: with a massive party! The only difference between this and a fifth-grader’s dream birthday bash is that ours will be laced with grown-up-caliber booze.

Exberliner’s been following homegrown blues/folk crooner Susanna Berivan for a while now, and her band’s Billie Holiday-meets-early Elvis tunes will provide the perfect soundtrack for lounging.

Next, Schwarz Don’t Crack, a newly formed duo consisting of Berlin producer Sebastian Kreis and NYC vocalist Ahmad Larnes, prod partygoers out of their seats with a mix of throwback soul and futuristic beats.

Finally, when she’s not lending her powerhouse of a voice to Hercules and Love Affair, Venezuelan diva Aérea Negrot’s a challenging yet danceable solo star on Berlin label BPitch Control.

After her techno opera brings the live portion of the evening to a close, DJ Busted Bongo will take over the decks until early morning.

There’s really no reason not to join Exberliner for the festivities. So come raise a glass to the magazine’s past as we prepare to boogie into the future.

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