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Photo by Ana Garcia de la Blanca

When you think co-working in Berlin, you probably think Betahaus. Conceptualised in 2007 by forerunner Christoph Fahle, communications whiz Madeleine v. Mohl and lawyer Max v.d. Ahé, Betahaus launched on April 1, 2009. With about 2000sqm of working space, it occupies three floors of a boxy former GSG industrial building.

They’ve since opened locations in Hamburg and Cologne, with plans to expand to Barcelona and Sofia. A third of Betahaus’ client base is made up of local start-ups, while the rest are freelancers ranging from IT developers, architects and graphic designers to journalists and authors.

Pricing Basic membership fee from €10/ month. Flexible desks from €12/day, €49/week, €79 for 12 days part-time, and €149/month, fixed desks starts at €229, team desks at €500 and team rooms are €800. Packages are available for long term, with additional extras included.

Services Optional extras include lockers, unlimited coffee consumption, 24/6 access, and a mailbox. Betahaus also has a café, event space, hardware tools for DIY types, as well as a CNC mill and 3D printer. Aside from work resources, they also offer legal counsel and a tax consultant.