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GRETA app: Overcoming language barriers at the cinema

Truly international cinema – with the Greta App, (not only) language barriers belong to the film universe of yesterday.

It’s Saturday evening. A visit to the cinema with friends is on the agenda, but the international crew is having a hard time agreeing on a film version that suits everyone. Whether OmU (original with german subs), Spanish subtitles, English original or German version – quite a few cinema evenings have already ended by the time they come to a decision.

What’s more, film fans often only find screenings in OV, non-German dubbed versions or OmU in big cities – it’s rare to come across individual screenings or art house cinemas specialising in multilingual offerings.

So how good is it that language barriers no longer block shared film enjoyment? Regardless of whether it’s a multilingual family or an international flat-sharing community, whether it’s a polyglot circle of friends or colleagues: Together we can now go to the same film screening, but decide for ourselves on which language version we’d like to enjoy!

How does it work? Quite simply: At the cinema box office, the tickets are usually bought for the offered version. Those who prefer to experience the film in another language can quickly download the desired language version (subtitles for 0.99 euros or audio version for 1.99 euros) from the Greta app.  This way, one person can enjoy the preferred OV version in English, while the companion in the seat on the left opts for Spanish subtitles to improve their language skills on the side.

What sounds like cinema of the future is the vision of the Berlin-based company Greta & Starks Apps. Since 2013, the Berliners have brought together uncountable (blind and deaf) film fans who previously would not have found their way to the same screening. Whether blind or sighted, hard of hearing or deaf – the award-winning Berlin company makes it possible for all people to enjoy the cinema in a way that fits them individually. Starting today, also multilingual versions are offered. The goal is to connect cinema fans all over the world to experience films together.

Greta & Starks Apps is very proud to offer collaborative cinema experiences on behalf of and with independent and major distributors such as Studiocanal, Constantin, Warner, Disney, Sony or Universal. Other partners range from festivals such as the Berlinale, DOK Leipzig, Zurich Film Festival to many more. The company already offers over 900 accessible film versions for German-speaking regions.

The GRETA app is now expanding its services with multilingual dubbed versions and subtitles. Since the versions come directly from the distributors, they are professionally produced dubbing productions of the highest quality.

So before visiting the cinema next time, simply download the app and use it offline. The GRETA app can already be started during the cinema commercials and then really gets going as soon as the film begins. It automatically synchronises with the audio track of the film and plays the selected film version. Since the app works completely independently and does not require any external technology, it is guaranteed to work in any cinema that shows the selected film in German.

Curious? Just follow Greta & Starks on Facebook and find out more about upcoming cinema events, free tickets and new films!

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