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  • Prost! Our guide to Berlin’s best Biergärtens


Prost! Our guide to Berlin’s best Biergärtens

If having a beer in a beautiful location matters as much as the drink itself, we understand. Here is our list of the best Biergärten in Berlin.

Photo: IMAGO / Emmanuele Contini

While the weather is nice, there is nothing better than grabbing a cool drink in one of Berlin’s famous Biergärten. Not sure which ones are worth it? Here is our list of the best Biergärten in Berlin. 


Photo: IMAGO / Jürgen Held

Not far from the river island attraction Insel der Jugend, Zenner is known as one of Berlin’s most idyllic beer-drinking spots. The party atmosphere at Zenner isn’t just down to their great music and setting. Started by the founders of Wilde Renate and Else – Tony Ettelt and Sebastian Heil, Zenner has a real vibe going. Not sure if it’s open, just take a look outside. Their motto is “We are open when the weather is nice.”

  • Zenner Biergarten und Weingarten, Alt-Treptow 15, Treptow, details.

Frannz Club


In Prenzlauer Berg’s Kulturbraurei, the Frannz-Club used to be the main restaurant of the original Schultheiss brewery that once stood there. Today, it’s a go-to spot for parties, concerts, cultural events and, of course, drinking beer. You can also do some great people-watching while you tuck into one of Frannz-Club’s hearty dishes. Expect plenty of vegan and vegetarian-friendly options too!

  • Frannz Club, Schönhauser Allee 36, Prenzlauer Berg, details.


Photo: Pfefferbräu

Take your pick of Pfefferbräu’s selection of house-brewed beers while you soak up the sun on their terrace overlooking Schönhauser Allee. We’d go for their namesake brew – the Pfefferbräu is a crisp light beer with a strong spiciness and pronounced hop notes. If you work up an appetite, you’ll be well catered for by their menu of upscale traditional European fare.

  • Pfefferbräu – Restaurant & Bergbrauerei, Schönhauser Allee 176, Prenzlauer Berg, details.

Revier Südost

Photo: @revier_suedost

This trip to Niederschöneweide is certainly worth it! While it’s not your typical leafy green Biergarten and more of a concrete jungle, Revier Südost’s spacious outdoor area is just the thing for a cold beer in the sun. A stellar DJ lineup and occasional pub quizzes will keep you entertained, and if you get a little peckish, order one of their freshly made wood-fired pizzas.

  • Revier Südost, Schnellerstr. 137, Niederschöneweide, details.

Berliner Berg Brauerei

Photo: IMAGO / Jürgen Held

First and foremost a top-quality brewery, Berliner Berg Brauerei is all about combining the tradition of German brewing with the culture of international craft beer. And what they come up with is a selection of seriously impressive beers. Actually, since everyone knows not to drink on an empty stomach, Berliner Berg encourages you to bring your own food/snacks. At the brewery’s low-key Biergarten, you can try a chilled Berliner Weisse, or a no-frills pilsner. Concerts, comedy and DJ sets are frequently on the menu so relax and enjoy this classic brewery’s Biergarten.

  • Berliner Berg Brauerei, Treptower Str. 39, Treptow, details.

Birgit und Bier

Photo: Birgit

Think a Biergarten can’t also be a funfair and a club? Think again! Birgit & Bier doesn’t follow a classical concept and can’t be pigeonholed. Simply put: it’s the midsummer night’s dream of Berlin’s club scene. You can sample a very unique beer — Pilsner Urquell Tankbier and if that’s not enough, they also have street food stalls and a bar with wine and various craft beers. Later in the night, the bar makes cocktails and DJs blast dance music till the wee hours.

  • Birgit und Bier, Schleusenufer 3, Kreuzberg, details.


Photo: @brlocharlottenburg

When a beer called BRLO first filtered its way into Berlin, you’d probably have assumed this was another start-up with a canny instinct for the craft beer zeitgeist. But once you’d finished a bottle, you could actually taste what was behind it: craft and passion. A brewery quickly followed, built from shipping containers with distinctive flair, and now there’s a cosy Biergarten too. We particularly love the fact that the beers are served with equally well thought-out food — a rarity in Berlin. 

  • BRLO, Schöneberger Str. 16, Kreuzberg, details.

Café am Neuen See

Photo: @cafeamneuensee

An unmissable legend. As soon as the sun shines, two- and four-legged Berliners trek to the Biergarten and café in Tiergarten, next to lake Neuer See. The self-serve area has become its own pavilion with several cash registers, food and beverage stations, just like a canteen. On the menu: pretzels, pizza, pasta, and the Bavarian classics of all German Biergärten: Weißwurst and Leberkäse, Bratwurst, shandy and wheat beer.

  • Café am Neuen See, Lichtensteinallee 2, Tiergarten, details.


Photo: @mauerseglerberlin

We all know that Mauerpark is a Sunday hotspot. But Mauersegler, right next door, is bustling every day and is actually one of the most popular Biergärten in Berlin. They have fresh, cold beer, a grill, plus snacks and coffee. Interested in a little music? On Sundays you can listen to the karaoke singers in the park.

  • Mauersegler, Bernauer Str. 63/64, Prenzlauer Berg,  details.

Weihenstephaner Lichterfelde

Photo: IMAGO / Xinhua

Bavaria in Berlin? Yep, that’s right. This Biergarten in Steglitz does its part for intercultural dialogue across the Brandenberg-Bavaria divide. Formerly known as Maria und Josef, the large Biergarten has Bavarian beers and also Southern German snacks. For example: Haxen (pork knuckles) and Obatzda, the Bavarian answer to hummus, a mixture of mashed cheese, paprika, butter… and beer. Order a Maß beer, the traditional Bavarian beer glass which holds a litre, and you’ll feel like you’re in Munich.

  • Weihenstephaner Lichterfelde, Hans-Sachs-Str. 5, Steglitz, details.


Photo: @dasmilchhaeuschen

Right next to Weißensee, there used to be a little ‘milk hut’ selling all manner of dairy products. Used as a tavern since GDR times, there’s now nothing left of the historical hut today. These days it’s a glass pavilion next to the shore, with cheery blue and yellow furniture. The sunny terrace has two floors with about a hundred seats. This chic, laid-back location is more calm and relaxed than most. There’s also breakfast (but only from 10am to 11.30 am), while the rest of the day it’s savoury treats like pickled herring and Nürnberger Bratwurst on the menu — as well as appetising cakes and ice cream sundaes. Just remember it’s closed on Mondays and Tuesdays!

  • Milchhäuschen, Parkstr. 33a, Weißensee, details.

Prater Garten

Photo: @selinaschrader.berlin

At almost 170 years old, Prater Garten is one of the most iconic Biergärten in the city. Locals, business types, students and international tourists meet here under the chestnut trees. Their own Prater Pils is made by a brewery in Frankfurt/Oder, their food cooked fresh on the grill, and the good vibes are guaranteed. Be sure to stop by when the weather is good!

  • Prater Garten, Kastanienallee 7-9, Prenzlauer Berg, details.


Photo: @schleusenkrugberlin

Located on the western edge of Tiergarten, Schleusenkrug feels like a trip to the countryside — despite being only a few steps from the U-Bahn station. During summer, Neuland meats sizzle on the barbecue, marking a commitment to quality. The rest of the year, they have a seasonal weekly menu with soups, salads, Alsatian tarte flambée and several main dishes. The Biergarten is spacious, but usually busy (a sure sign of a good time). 

  • Schleusenkrug, Müller-Breslau-Str., an der Tier­gartenschleuse, Charlottenburg, details.

Urban Spree

Photo: @urban_spree

There’s so much to discover at RAW, and for many, Urban Spree is the starting point of a wide-eyed adventure through Friedrichshain’s most famous cultural space. The 900sqm Biergarten has a sort of ‘creative building lot’ vibe. Urban, yet cosy. Arty happenings, both inside the venue and out in the garden, as well as street food stalls, complete the experience.

  • Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99, Friedrichshain, details.

Brauhaus Spandau

Photo: IMAGO / Schöning

The iconic red-brick building of Brauhaus Spandau used to be a wash house. Now it’s a world-class brewery complete with copper brewing kettles and wooden furniture. From meatballs to ham stewed in dark beer served with sauerkraut and dumplings, Brauhaus Spandau is a one-stop shop for an excellent evening. If you can’t find your way home once you’re done, book yourself into their hotel on the same compound.

  • Brauhaus Spandau, Neuendorfer Str. 1, Spandau, details.

Schankhalle Pfefferberg

Photo: @schankhalle_pfefferberg

At the old bar of the historical brewery and the sunny terraces above Schönhauser Allee, you can order traditional snacks such as Schmalzstulle (bread and dripping), liver, or boar rissoles – and the delicious Treberbrot, a bread with crushed malt leftover from brewing beer. Most importantly, however, they have their own beer, brewed here since 2013 — a crisp, zesty and hoppy lager. Their malt beer comes unfiltered and has a mild taste, and, lastly, there’s an Alt, resembling an ale, with a strong hoppy bitterness and a mild note of nutty caramel. 

  • Schankhalle Pfefferberg, Schönhauser Allee 176, Prenzlauer Berg, details.


Photo: IMAGO / Schöning

It’s a stone’s throw from this cosy Biergaten to many sights in Viktoriapark: the petting zoo at the foot of the hill, the 180-degree lookout terrace at the top of the park, and the beautiful waterfall in between. Golgatha quenches thirst and hunger and is the perfect finish to a walk in the park.

  • Golgatha, Dudenstr. 40, Kreuzberg, details.


Photo: IMAGO / Rolf Zöllner

125 years after its opening, new owners are looking to continue Bornholm’s legacy of “creating a new living room” for Berliners where heart and soul is at the centre of the beer (and the food). 

  • Bornholm’s, Bornholm 1, Björnsonstr. 5, Prenzlauer Berg, details.


Photo: @claerchens_ballhaus

Founded in 1913, this classic restaurant has been known affectionately as Clärchens for over 100 years. Featuring a ballroom and hall of mirrors, no one can deny that the building is spectacular. Lesser known is their Biergarten, where you can enjoy food and drinks in a peaceful outdoor area. The menu is perfect for the not quite “dinner hungry” snacker types!

  • Clärchens Biergarten, Auguststr. 24/25, Mitte, details.

Tempelhofer Feld Summer Biergarten

Photo: IMAGO / Emmanuele Contini

While most of the Biergärten on this list are staples in Berlin, there is still room for some pop-ups. Run by Neuköln’s Neulich brewery, part of Templehofer’s airstrip has been transformed into an outdoor Biergarten. This experience will be short lived (the Biergarten is only open from Wednesday to Saturday and closes for good on September 30), so make sure to check it out over the summer. 

  • Summer Biergarten, Tempelhofer Damm Airport 45, Tempelhof, closes September 30, details.

Naumanns Biergarten

Photo: @naumanns.berlin

In a 60,000 square foot complex in Südkreuz, there is a little bit of everything. Fitness studios, offices, workshops, stores, and even a Biergarten. After work, tenants from the building and neighbours on Red Island flock to the Biergarten for homemade pinsa and a few drinks.

  • Naumanns Biergarten, Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 36, Schöneberg, details.


Photo: @zollpackhof

The Zollpackoff restaurant serves German-Austrian food and Bavarian beer, so naturally, it has an impressive Biergarten. On warm days, you can sit in the shade of chestnut trees and admire the glittering spree while enjoying a cool beer. The restaurant is a mix of Bavaria and Berlin, so hearty snacks (such as white sausages, a pork neck steak in a bun or a portion of potato and cucumber salad) accompany the beer. Guests are welcome in the Zollpackhof Biergarten every day from midday until sunset.

  • Zollpackhof, Elisabeth-Abegg-Straße 1, Mitte, details.