Tempelhof rental shop

Looking to spend a final sunny weekend out on Tempelhof but don't have the gear to make it the ultimate? Hase rental shop, metres away from the park, rents everything from guitars to picnic blankets to cameras to even sunglasses. You're now set!

Image for Tempelhof rental shop
Photo by Karolina Spolniewski

Wanna have the most hashtagable Tempelhof picnic ever? Just metres away from everyone’s favourite airport-turned-park, 24-year-old Jascha Muller-Guthof is willing to rent you what you need at Hase, the rustic Schillerkiez shop he opened in August.

The main draw is the skateboard collection: both mini cruisers (€3/hour, €8/day and €15/weekend) – and longboards (€4/hour, €10/day and €18/weekend). But he also thought of everything else: he stocks a giant picnic blanket (€5/ day), guitars you can use to start a kumbaya sing-along (€3/hour) and even sunglasses in case you left your own shades at home (€2/hour). Additionally, a lot of items can be rented for just €1/hour, including frisbees, table tennis bats and other outdoor games. They also have inline skates in all-sizes if you fancy whizzing across the airfield and foldable BBQs after all that sport makes you peckish!

And if Instagram won’t cut it, there’s also a stark-white display case loaded with an assortment of vintage cameras – a higher-end Minolta with a prime lens goes for €15 a day and €32 for the weekend.

The store might seem annoyingly trendy, but the vibe is more hippie than hipster. The longhaired owner is studying sustainable living and says he opened Hase to put his ideas about the sharing economy into practice. Then again, he’s not opposed to hosting the occasional pop-up sale from a hip Cologne brand. As temperatures drop, look out for special events, exhibitions, a giant skateboard workshop in the basement… anything, post-capitalist or not, to keep the shop cruising.